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  • They were doing what they are capable of doing. It's just that they are pretty lazy, because of... well, the rich kid problem I told you about yesterday. :p

    Also, what goes in that link stays there, yeah? Haha. It shouldn't leak out. ;)
    It was worse than what I had expected. All this time as a mathematics teacher I've only been handling at most 3 children, not 6. That was just crazy, and they were all really spoiled even though they were at least 3rd graders!

    Oh, by the way, let me send you a link via the PM!
    I've run out of juice... my Ethers...! It has gone down to critical levels again in my pursuit for 4 million Lux... o_O

    On another note, this afternoon I took care of 6 kids at once. My brain is fried up.
    Could that have been... what? The suspense, the tension, such a cliffhanger! :p

    They don't use textbooks, it's more toward teachers teaching them via experiments that they can perform on their own. That way they learn by doing and not just by reading, and I believe this kind of engagement is important in them not only know, but also truly understand, too. After all, kids love trying out things, right? ;)
    I had just sent you a message on Skype when I saw you online, but you went offline shortly afterward, haha.

    Yeah, a real challenge it is. I'm not sure if I have said this to you (probably I have), but I like to use similes (not a typo, it's similes, not smiles, haha). For example, when explaining about why a water balloon is lighter when lifted in the water (which is due to buoyancy), I tell them that it's because water outside the balloon helps water in the balloon so it feels easier to lift... water and water are friends, and friends help each other. Things like that, haha.
    So true. So, so true. As a proud holder of a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering (psh!) I'm all too familiar with advanced scientific concepts and I sometimes have to really break them down into tiny morsels that the kids can digest. Doing so is harder than it sounds and sometimes I even doubt that after I break them down they still convey the same meaning. XD
    It has more to do with the kids themselves rather than what they are having at school.

    For example, smart kids tend to have this can-so-don't-want mindset, and rich kids have-money-so-do-what-I-want. These two types of kids are usually the hardest to deal with, more so than brats (who could be naughty but still listens, especially if you and them are already close). Then there's another type of kid, the unmotivated ones, whom you just can't get to study no matter what. These children will be present tomorrow and Thursday. XD
    Nice... must have felt soooo good, ahaha. My day's been busy, but I know that this will be the third busiest in the week. Tomorrow will be worse and I'm slightly not looking forward to it, haha. :p
    When you don't receive any reply from me for a long time, you know that I've gotten back to work, haha.

    Indeed... those older consoles of mine were technically my parents' as they were bought using their money. The PS3 and 3DS, however... I can truly say that they are purely mine and nobody else's, and as you said, the feeling was great. :)

    Although the PS3 was a hand-me-down, haha. But who cares, it was functional and still is!
    I posted on my profile again. Whyyy!

    Yup, I did! Though right now it's no longer with me. That was my first console, and every day I would play Mario World. My mom and dad taught me how to play other games, too, and it was because of video games that my command of English was way beyond that of those my age.

    From NES, I continued to SNES, and was bought a PS1 after I kind of nagged my parents about it (thanks to playing PS1 at my cousin's house, the same cousin I told you about that other time). The PS1 was the longest-surviving console I've ever had, as it had been with me from when I was 7 until 16 and got my PS2. Unfortunately the PS2 wasn't played too much as I had to go abroad for my studies. XD

    As for handheld console, you'd find it hard to believe that the NDS Lite was my first handheld. I didn't have GB, GBC, GBA, or even the NDS. I bought it less than 7 years ago and it's still going strong right now! Finally, I bought the PS3 with my own money in 2012, and 3DS in 2013, believe it or not. ;)
    Of course I... became more careful. I learn from my mistakes, haha. Back then I felt that naptime was a waste of time, and I could just play the NES instead...
    Yup, that was me, too, alright. I also remembered playing with a neighbour's kid in the afternoon when I was supposed to take a nap; the phone rang, my maid got it, and I just knew it was my mother. I stupidly shouted to my maid to tell my mother that I was sleeping... which was of course heard by my mother.

    I was grilled big time that night. -_-
    It's been a while since I last took a good nap, and boy, did it feel heavenly. Afternoon naps are the best. I wonder why, when I was a kid, I used to avoid taking naps as much as possible, even if it meant getting scolded by my mother. XD
    Ah, how nice. I remember back when I was still studying, my off day is Wednesday. My division didn't have Wednesday classes, so all students (from first year to final) were free to rest or take electives on Wednesdays. Memories!

    Haha, I've had my fair share of difficulty in understanding their spoken English, too. Their written English were usually good, but their accent could be thick so that I had to ask again and again until I finally understood, haha. However, if they have been living in an English-speaking country every since they were born or just children, it's really easy conversing with them.

    Speaking of accents, have you seen that video? I need to inform you that it's not intended to spread racism! XD
    Better than yesterday. I guess I must have been fatigued... I'm sure tomorrow I will be able to get back to work. Thanks for your concern! :)

    You're not having classes today? Speaking of which, I forgot to ask how your presentation went that other day!
    Haha, yeah, solidarity it is. It tends to happen among closely knit group of people... for better or for worse, haha.

    No man gets left behind!
    Thank you, I appreciate it. :)

    And you see, that's what's amazing being a player in strong teams. They help each other, even though if it might only be due to the Guilt or Guilt help missions. Most of the time, though, the strongmen of the team wouldn't have any qualms helping their teammates anyway because they usually don't have anything to do with their AP... I guess? Haha.
    Not sure what this is from, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't from overworking. But in any case, I did have fun! We watched a movie, hung out, and it was very fortunate of me that his parents took me for lunch together. I don't mean to sound that I'm taking advantage of them, but it's great to have family friends. :)

    For this Guilt period, nope, there aren't any missions of such kind. We can rest easy for now, haha. There are already too many current missions to start with and it's not like my Potions could sustain me had there been this 20-people Guilt event going on last week! @_@

    By the way, the one who just followed you on Twitter was me. :p
    JD gomen! Today it was my turn to be really busy spending my day with a friend. I've known him since 2002, he's working in Japan, but he's currently in Jakarta so we just had to meet up! Now I'm not feeling to well for some reason, haha... might have to skip work tomorrow. <_<

    By 20 Guilt list reward, what did you mean?
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