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  • I'm glad that you had fun! On the contrary, it's been a really slow day for me. Which is not at all bad, considering that I had some short shut-eye periods, haha.

    Kids by right can't choose to come freely... they have to come every Saturday once they (their parents, really) have confirmed and paid for their enrolment. It's just that some of them sometimes would suddenly skip classes for one reason or another, haha. For that reason it's not so easy predicting who would come and who would not.

    As for the skills, I'd say dropping Berserk III is the better option. In my opinion you wouldn't want to rely too much on Berserk III if you haven't had a stable SR+ deck yet. The 80% defence drop is really nasty and simply isn't worth the damage boost on SR... the idea behind Berserk III is to hit hard in hopes that the enemy dies, but if it doesn't, you'll probably die. It's a high-risk-high-return venture, and if you really want the 100% damage boost, I'd suggest you go with Combo Plus instead.
    Not so... usually there are 4 students per session (it's Saturday, we're not expecting a large number of students, haha). I don't know why today there were amazingly few students.

    It was good though. I was cut some slack. XD
    Class is over! Not many students today; 1 during the first session and 2 during the second. I took the liberty to adjust my teaching method to private teaching and they said it was as though I was chatting with them about science instead of teaching. :D
    No worries about that, I'll be quite busy juggling between real-life work and forum work as well. Good luck for your presentation, yeah? :D
    How about Card Storage Plus or Cardholder Number Plus for your guide about the Card capacity Plus name, though Card Capacity Plus is still better than what the translation says for it, nice guide also.
    Exactly the same as me! I was able to use my last booster when it was just 4 minutes on the clock. That was a waste of 1 minute, but hey, it was better than nothing. After all, the amount of gummi blocks I got was pretty good.

    I now have 700k+ gummi blocks in possession and this amount is highly unlikely to change significantly. I guess I should be planning my purchases now~
    After using up MANY boosters, I'm still at 4. At the start of this day I had 6.

    pant pant pant
    Psh, government and their agenda, haha. When given some budget, who knows how much goes into their pockets? :p

    But I don't want to talk about it. Let's just hope that the recent rains will restore your water supply, yeah? I can't imagine having to bear with water shortage... I certainly am not going to shower with drinking water, haha.

    Pardon me, but I'm going to head to bed soon. My eyes are droooooopy. It's already at 5 watt, haha... as always, though, feel free to drop a message any time, here or on Skype. :D
    Not 2 hours... 3 hours! That's how long it took for me to return home from office. I got off at 5:45pm and only reached home just before 9pm. Usually it's not like this; even if I got off at 6:30pm I could still reach home by 8pm (just in time for LUT). Blame it on the rain...

    Cut off again? Is your town drying up again? That must suck... don't they have a reservoir or something for water supply in case of emergency?
    I've been wanting to reply to you but I was busy. And then when I finally got off work, it was raining, the traffic was heavy, and the network was getting crazy that I could only get online intermittently... so I just slept for 2 hours in the car. The stupid thing is that even after 2 hours, I still hadn't arrived home. -_-

    With how much I gain daily currently, I'm not even sure I can make another million before the event ends. Boosters are low in stock (thank goodness), but so are Ethers (oh snap). I might actually go against popular opinion and prioritise the skills over Yen Sid SR+...
    At least there's no crazy speed Guilt challenge this week! Boy, the pressure of having to complete the list in 3.5 days is just too intense. Not to mention the amount of Potions we had to spend...

    I'm right now weighing whether or not I should buy all the Yen Sid SR+ from the gummi shop. Everything will costs 1,999,998 blocks and I can have the purchase power for it, but I'm not sure if this is worth doing. I still have some skills that I'm interested in buying...
    Hmm, I guess just use it to hit any sub that shows up? I feel like that's the best way of getting rid of them. It doesn't matter if you only hit it once or twice, the most important thing is that you make a boosted amount of gummi blocks and that's one booster down. :p

    Also, the Guilt list is... I have mixed feelings. It doesn't add much, but at least it's not impossible to clear. It would just probably be tedious. For now, that is...
    Yeah, but not all at once. I didn't have that many medals to start with, haha.

    On another note, I'm down to 4 boosters now! It seems that it's actually possible to get rid of them by the end of today! But my Ethers though... before yesterday I still had 440, but now I only have 190. 175 Ethers per day... T_T
    That happened to me, too, when I was still relatively new to the game. I disregarded the items in the trade shop and found myself running out of Ethers and Potions (especially Potions). Once I had 0 Ethers with me and Potions at the single-digit region. I felt like I was really below the poverty line back then... haha...

    It's a good time for you to buy Ethers and Potions. Lately Mog Medals are easy to come by thanks to the daily Hound missions. I wonder, though, if it would be easy to collect Mog Medals after this event has come to a pass... I only have 400+ medals remaining after buying out all Yen Sid SR+ in the shop. XD
    Tell me about it. It sucks to not be able to come up with any answer to a question when you're in front of people. It would be embarrassing, haha...

    My booster's running low! I'm at 21 right now, but I don't think I will be able to use them all up before the day's end. I can try spending all of them within the next few days, but my Ethers will be running low as well and that's undesirable. How about you, how many boosters do you still have left?
    I thought you had meant "exactly last week" when saying "last week", which is why I thought your lecturer was slightly out of his / her own mind... haha. My mistake instead. Also, "my bad" doesn't exactly sit well with me because "bad" is an adjective! It should have been a noun or followed by a noun, like "my bad _____". :p

    Ahh, Q&A section is always the worst. The thing is that you can always prepare the answers but you can't possibly foresee every single question that might be asked, so you must also be able to think of something on the spot. Actually, to avoid this, my trick during the university was to design the presentation such that it leads others to ask questions I had prepared the answer to beforehand... XD
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