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  • 5:30 PM xD it was so hard that when I reached home, I went to sleep right away, I'll take a little time to decide, also your tip was great! Will gather some money on something and make future projects :)
    For you to understand my snowball, here's what I'll try to explain:
    My dad wants me to work at his store, I did a long time ago, and went to sleep at 5:30 PM, So after this frustration I went away and never gonna return there :D
    My mom wants me to do whatever that comes in my way, and I, am really confused xD
    They do, but it's not that valorized, I get "bullied" by my family whenever I talk about this, so I might give up :(
    It's interesting ^^ I like music too, but you must know what music is in Brazil though... As I said before, game design was cool and all, turns out I just can't draw, no matter how much I try :( also Tomb Raider made me very interested in Archaeology and Paleonthology, but you know, maybe I was born in the wrong country :c
    completed everything except college, deciding what to do with the rest of your life is hard haha :'D
    ... Not yet :"D probably in the end of the year or the beggining of 2015 :'D don't know what to follow though :(
    Sure does! for this time I'm only playing KHx and Crisis Core FF7 but soon I'll be back to work :>
    Well, I've only made one year of college, so I think it's not that important :< but thank you ^^
    For now, unemployed D: been fired last month, was making game design college, but there was some problems so I had to cancel :(
    Always awake till 3am XD
    mostly when my AP finishes, and KHx is really taking a lot of my time :p

    I was playing Resident Evil 4 a few weeks ago, then stopped because of chi xD
    Sorry for taking too long, it was 3am now I'm awake xD

    Anyway, the optional bosses are harder, but you need to get through jafar right? XD
    Man, I hate pride lands :( dem memories on lvl 1 though, Jafar was one of the hardest bosses >.>
    So.. KH2FM yet? :p Finished it like 6 years ago, and man that was the game I most played on my PS2, 15 normal saves, begginer, normal, proud, critical and critical lvl 1, and another 13 saves modded with code breaker, ahhh the old days of Anti Final Form and Regular Limit Sora :')
    Yep, since I'm a kid I love Megaman, as far as I know, since I was 4, but can't remember correctly, finished most of all games, and my fave of the faves is Zero :p (also the Absolute Zero from Command Mission is so awesome :D )
    You've been silent today in the forums. Cat got your tongue, or is there simply too much to internalise? XD
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