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    Dark Souls - CROSSING SOULS [ OOC and Signups ]

    Falling to her knee, the Firekeeper extends her hand to the fire. Clutched in her long, dirty fingers, Three sprites, with darkened cores; white flames burning forth from its center. This is Humanity. The fuel of bonfires. This is the Firekeeper's duty. A role that has been forced upon her...
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    omg this is the best site in the world <3333

    Socks by Sock Dreams ~ Unique comfy sexy socks for unique sexy people OH MY GOD I I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START BROWSING
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    hey khi! Can you guess my favorite pony?

    I bet that you can't! JUST TRY ME.
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    Well howdy KHI.

    Hiiiiiiii Okay so like, at some point Shamdeo banished me from my beautiful kingdom! Now I don't even know what to do! I've been so lost and confused! Isn't there a soul to care~? How do I retake my beautiful castle, beloved KHI?! How do I become your beloved princess again?
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    holy god you kids are bad

    Seriously look at this place. What did you do here Tony and why am I so dissapointed in you. ( <3 )
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    Help/Support ► Marriage

    I'd be down for that. Though I'd also be happy if we both wore a tux. :3
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    Help/Support ► Marriage

    This echos my thoughts, exactly. I see absolutely NO point in marriage, other than as a romantic gesture. I have no faith, so the religious undertones just fly over my head without me noticing. I could be in a relationship for an entire relationship that could span decades and if she shared my...
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    Help/Support ► sotrrry

    That's the education the military provides, for yah.
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    Hey KHI

    I was thinking maybe next time we fuck, you could maybe punch me in the face.
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    know what grinds my gears?

    when people post in threads with entire paragraphs like this it's actually incredibly annoying when you type like this. I mean seriously, why are you doing this to me? Do you think it makes you look unique? No, it makes you look incredibly retarded. So stop, fucking doing it.
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    hi guys im new

    plx b nice i herd dah mods here r supah friendly doh so i think imma be awrite.
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    Hey Guys, Help Feed my Yaoi Addiction.

    Megaman X yaoi. Specifically X and Zero. I dunno if there's a pairing name or not. Examples of what I like? Anyone who contributes to my collection I will forever offer my vagina too.
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    New Mechwarrior!

    IGN Video: MechWarrior PC Games Trailer - Reveal Trailer IGN: MechWarrior Q&A - The First Details MechWarrior (reboot) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's going to be a reboot of the series. Let's discuss guys!