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  • Only class I have homework in is math (that's not counting the 2 reserch papers), & I'm given about a month to do around 150-200 math problems
    I've been given 2 class days to write it, the topic is describe the differences between high school & college, & the biggest challenges of the transitions. So today I put together a loose rough draft. The biggest chllenges for myself are time management (I'm the procrastination king) & studying. Right now I should be reading my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) materials for my psychology paper. But instead I'm on KHI listening to Jpop & chatting with you.
    Roxas, because of the whole trying to figure out who he is & his purpose, plus being a dual wielding badass helps too.

    None, they all suck!

    Lol, jk I'm in the middle of class weiting an essay, ill give you a reql answer when I get back home.
    lol if you can play BbS on Proud than your not that bad. My phones nearly dead so im out. Later.
    haha not really, theyre all action JRPGS, Im hoping to see a KH game on the Vita. The V ita is looking REALLY nice!

    Also heres aYoutube video of mine, I post Dissidia battle replay vids. Like, subscribe, comment, thumbs up, you know the drill. Id like to hear what you think!

    Squall Leonhart Vs. Golbez Duodecim - YouTube
    Bbs, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Monster Hunter, Freedom Unite (if you can't tell I <3 Monster Hunter) and Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy.
    Just finished cutting p apples for moms pie. I bet its getting late their, huh?
    Yeah I'm also not looking forward to the "flashy actions" seems like a dumb gimmick.
    Friend request sent!

    Yo my current profile pic is pretty silly its me in a sonic cap with 2 other hats hanging off the sides.

    So what'd you think about KH DDD?
    Haha yeah I was bullied when I was in elemntray school but I shot up in middle school, & no one really wants to mess with the big tall black kid, even if he is a nerd lol.

    So are you on any other forums? You got a fbook?
    :0 what!? You were bullied? How? Why? You seem like such a nice person!

    College isn't like that I assure you. Everyone is to busy woth their own shit to have time to pester other students like that.
    Right now I'm just getting the basic out the way, math, english, psychology, & history.

    I'm thinking about majoring in journalism, id love to do video game journalsm!

    You plan to continue your education?
    Oh I just started college, & as stated I'm looking for work.

    What do you do again? You work in a shop or something right?
    I use to read those abc crime novels, I can't remember the author or exat names but they jad tiels like "A is for evidence" So what do you do that's so time consuming that you can't read? Are you a college student?
    Haha not in the 1st part but the 2nd half with 16year old Rin has plenty of it.

    I don't read novels as much as I use to. I usually only read in school because class was boring, throught high school I mostly read Pendragon & Twilight, along with a couple other sci-fi novels. I use to purposly get in trouble in class so I could get sent to ISS (In School Suspension) where id just read the whole time.

    Now a das I get my story fix from JRPGS, like Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts.

    Deathnote was cool, never got into fruits basket, read a lot of Shonen(action adventure usually aimed at boys) type suff as a kid but now that I'm older, I find I'm starting to enjoy some josei (manga aimed towords women) type stuff.

    Usagi Drop is amaxing, im sure you'd love it. Its about this guy named Daikichi 30 years old, goes to his grandfathers house after hearing he passed. The entire family is surprised the grandpa had a bastard child with his nurse. (Grandpa was 79 when he passed, good job old man!)The childs name is Rin. She's 6 years old & the family wants to give her to a group home but Daikichi decides to adopt her, the manga is about Daikichi suddenly having to turn his whole life upside down to accommodate adopting the 6 year old girl. The 2nd part of the manga (anime hasn't gotten this far yet) jumps 10 years ahead the focuse is now on Rin as a 16 tear old high school student.

    Its a really heart waeming story you should give it a try!
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