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  • lol. your social skills seem fine to me.
    it's just a matter of self confidence. =P

    don't be too hard on your dad.
    i'm sure he has his reasons for being strict with you
    but you'll understand why when you have kids of your own.
    Then consider yourself in the loop :3
    I'll disclose more info to you at a later date, right now I need to finish a project for class tomorrow so I can go to sleep.
    Well it's a story I'm making with a heavy influence of steam punk.
    It takes place in the mid 1800's with a main character I'd like to call Frank, who's essentially a Steam-Punk Frankenstein.
    The series itself is going to be called "Disturbia" and it's going to have that whole dark/monochromatic feel to it.
    The best example of the mood I can give to compare it to is Sweeney Todd.

    Of course if you hate this type of style I completely understand, but if you're hooked and would like to know more feel free to IM me on yahoo ( collinreynolds@yahoo.com)
    Hey Zion! That's because I've been busy xP

    How are you? I hope good.

    Oh thanks for that haha.
    Don't worry I'm still alive and kicking as ever.
    Just haven't had much time for my personal projects so I haven't had anything to scan in, but I will soon don't worry.

    You're new stuff is pretty impressive by the way and the option to go to art school might not be a bad idea, because trust me when I say being around people who are better than you will develop your skills 10 fold.
    Lol, exciting things happen everyday, you just have to know where to look for em, I'm sure.

    Gah, I totally forgot that Sonic Unleashed is coming out over at your place earlier than here. God, I hope this game is good. It looks so promising.
    Yeah man. Wah gwan? I'm not on as much as I used to be. Busy doing this and that. Going to party tonight. WOOT! lol I so need it.
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