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  • Just to be perfectly clear, my last post in the OOC does not reflect my actual opinion of the roleplay, rather the activity thus far.
    I do try to take advantage of any opportunity to roleplay with you and Ordeith, but to be honest I had difficulty keeping up with the last Nightfall RP. I'm not sure if my issue was connecting with the story, the larger world, my own character, or what, but a lot of my posts felt like they were just punching in the timeclock rather than doing anything interesting. Regardless, I'll certainly look out for it and see if I come up with something better this time.
    Alright, thanks. I will do my best to get a post up by tomorrow evening at the latest.
    Why do I promise things?

    Hey, quick question, because I've forgotten--have our characters already started to experience their new powers, or has that not happened yet?
    My latest PM from you is dated January 28, and it discusses our plans for Book II of Nightfall. Is that the message in question?
    I'm glad that I didn't miss it! Once I get the "revised" Sage and Agent Brandt squared away in my mind, I'll write up their respective templates.

    I probably opened them in a moment when I couldn't reply immediately -- and then, in my absentmindedness, forgot to mark them as "unread" afterward. I'll get back to you posthaste.
    So, what do you project for the future of the Roleplaying section? I've got a few stories budding in my head, as usual, but I'm wondering whether they're likelier to survive in the Creative Writing section.
    Agent Brandt is moving into position — followed shortly by a certain Miss Braddock.

    Expect my R.E.M. templates sometime this week.
    Right after I finish my "Spurius" post.

    It shouldn't take very long after that, though. There isn't any continuity to consider, and my previous two templates can be reused to a fair extent.
    Right when I plan to make my latest "comeback," my university's Internet connection suffers a major crisis...

    I'm alive, and I've read your messages. Expect replies soon.
    ;A; OMG YES let's do it!! I volunteer setting up the thread 'cause that's lots of fun lol, but wanna discuss everything over PM? :T
    Hey I'm new to this forum, but I need some help with the U.S. english ps3 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 BBS. So I completed all the stories on critical, but without paying attention I saved over my ventus save data and now that I want to play the secret episode I only need that 12th report :( I was wondering if anyone could upload a save file for ventus for me so I can get the file and complete the final episode ?
    Say, I have a proposal for you: Why not collaborate on a short piece for the Creative Corner's holiday writing contest?

    I've got a few verses written already, but I have little idea of what direction I'll pursue...
    Your Eclipse Prince character is making me think the Arcana RP is the prequel to your Eclipse RP...is it? c;
    Oh, I'm all too familiar with that situation...
    Dark Souls is love; Dark Souls is life.
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