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  • This past semester has been utter madness, but rest assured that I'll be back in action soon. I'm like Frosty the Snowman; I come back in cold weather.
    Awards are one of the issues that are going to be sorted out this month. Once it is, absolutely. I'm planning to touch base with the person we have making awards and discussing things to ensure they're still able to make them. Then I'm going to create a new request thread so everyone will be able to post and request what they need and I'll be able to then upload it for us once they're created. You might be able to just get an entirely new award that's less specific so you'll be able to implement it as the needs of the forum and your section change (like refraining from putting CotW or CotM on it).
    I'm on it! I'll have it up today, since I put it off for too long! Sorry bout that, Omni. =3
    Omni, you have the best Doflamingo avatars ever. <3 I really like your current one. How've you been doing lately? :)

    I actually haven't watched the anime of OP to know what Doffy sounds like. However, I agree he's the best villain there is to exist in both manga and anime. Do you think the Strawhat crew need another crew member to be added to their ranks? I feel like they don't need more than what they already have, and I remember that being talked about for awhile in the thread. Yeah, Luffy is someone really likable. Even if he's stubborn or eats too much meat. That's what makes him awesome. I'll have to find a day to watch World Z then. Its pretty cool to hear Oda had a hand in those movies in particular. I haven't heard of the Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island before. Then again, I didn't even know OP had lots of movies, but I will catch up on that! Can never be too much OP.

    Sounds like fun. Hopefully I can get myself a new mobile device around christmas time or black friday for a good deal, cause I'd love to play it, and currently have an iTunes card, I don't know what to do with. lol. Thanks for telling me about it!
    You've probably noticed that I just fell off the face of the earth for awhile. I'm gonna stay off for a bit longer, but when I'm back in town will hopefully have some time to read the last chapter of Nightfall: The Gallant.
    yeah i dont know if i could do that, lol. I like having control and being able to push a story to a decided point sort of thing. ah well. i hardly write at all as it is, lol.
    yeah i'm definitely feeling a lot of fatigue about that kind of stuff, too.
    And wouldn't that have some interesting implications for the absolutely-final showdown?
    We're all very busy with our respective roleplays and projects, but do give this one a look. It would be nice to have "the old gang" back together in a roleplay with a simple premise.
    In its placement on the Old King's person, it reminds me of the magical fabric in Journey. It would be really neat if, like the Journey scarf, it moved seemingly with a consciousness of its own.
    Son of a gun, I did. I began drafting a reply, didn't finish it — and forgot to mark the PM as "unread," so that I could remember to return to it.

    To shorten my reply, I think the design is excellent.
    Circles/wheels are rather important symbols for elder gods, I think.
    I'm rubbing my hands with anticipation. I'm really interested in seeing how we all play around with this setting and universe.

    Come to think of it, though, I should probably consult Jezza about my character...
    Oh, well. We'll cross that bridge only if we need to.
    I've been sorely negligent in posting to R.E.M. — though I began writing my second post right after you and Hidden replied to my first. I'm going to try to finish it before the end of the week, when the new semester starts.
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