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  • Why hello, brother! Haha, yeah, I am. Been so ever since I was five and planning to stay so until I die, hopefully. XD

    Ohh, you've got no idea. Not only they love to complain, they also love to complicate things! Just imagine, a single group photo-taking session, just one lousy picture, could last for like two minutes since they just LOVE to have it redone over and over again just because their arm is a few inches away from where it should have been.

    ... okay, that was an exaggeration, but you got my point. XD But that was about the only "ugh"-inducing moment (and it happens all the time, so I'm slowly getting used to it), and the gathering part is never not fun, so it's generally a lovely occasion. :)
    I know, right? It was kind of bugging me that they didn't install air conditioners... but that's okay. After all, to enjoy a stream of cold air isn't the reason why I attend Mass. :p

    And that's great! Yeah, I agree that Christmas is best spent with loved ones. I just did, yesterday, with my extended family, and it was fun. :D

    Well, it was, until everybody started to complain about the weather. I myself spent a good half-hour taking a nap since I couldn't take both the heat and the whining. :p
    Thanks for the well wishes! So far it's been good here... aside from the fact that it's hot as heck. Imagine going to a church hall that's filled to a brim and there's no air-conditioning system... that's what happened to me on Christmas Eve. <_<

    But yes, I'm enjoying the holiday. I still have a few days before commencing with my social work, so I'm still quite free to do things any time, any day, haha.
    Of course I agree! I mean, look, I was a student once, and I know how holiday seasons are synonymous with fun and doing whatever you like. That will be a very luxurious privilege once you graduate, just a word of warning. :p
    Ditto lol. Just let me know when you wanna. I should be pretty free over Christmas.
    You can have my other Kingdra (which is actually my second) as a holiday gift. He's my baby though he only has 1 IV in Atk. Merry Christmas!
    Yeah that's fine, we can trade now. While we're at it can you help me evolve my Seadra into Kingdra? Just need to send it to you so it can evolve then you can send it back. My FC is 5257 9736 5640 and my trainer name is Sol. I'm online rn.
    After about 3:30 I'm free today. get back to me to let me know when we can trade?
    That's good enough, haha. Let's just do it on the fly. Just prioritise what you have to do in real life, because heck, it's holiday and you mustn't waste it by staying indoors curled up in a corner and play games all day. XD
    Yeah, it should be fun (and stupid; I can see myself making a lot of blunders because of the prediction game). XD Let's agree on the time, then, haha.

    Oh, and if you can help me evolve my Poliwhirl into Politoed, it'd be greatly appreciated. My friends whom I regularly talked to haven't been online for a while.
    Of course! :) And I'm thinking if we should do a battle sometime, just for me to have a fun defeat and increase your win count... or probably do a rotation or triple battle to add some gimmick, haha.
    Both dragons received in one piece. Well, two pieces, haha. Thanks a lot! :D
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