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  • Ahh looks like we just missed each other again haha. :) I'll try to keep checking to see if you're available! I'm home for the rest of the night.
    That's okay! Awesome, that would be great if you wouldn't mind. :) I see that we're both online right now; let me know if you're able to trade!

    Edit: You went offline, so we can just do it whenever. Just let me know!
    Sweet! Adding you now. I have several Chimchars (with a couple egg moves) and Mudkips if you're interested in those for your Pokedex.
    Hey, if any of those 4-5 IV Pokemon are still up for grabs, I'd love one of each haha. I can trade right now, my FC is 0774-4575-8363.

    I have a 4IV Jolly Gible with its HA and two egg moves (Iron Head and Outrage). I also have a Jolly 3IV Kangaskhan to offer. I can look for other stuff, I'm not sure what else you might like haha. :)
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it, I'm a bug type and my third is apparantly still unknown) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :)
    Halo's the only thing I really play Xbox for. I guess I'm more a Japanese gamer with Sony and Nintendo lol. x3 But Halo's awesome. ^^ I'm wanting to play Halo 4, but I'll have to wait for my stepbro to get it (it's his 360). --- Yeah, I kinda dig the new starter designs better than the last set, plus the graphics revamp and the 3DS's connective power has me intrigued with what they'll do with it. And, the Legendaries look beautiful. *u* Xerneas (the stag) is majestic, and Yveltal (the bird) is impressive. If the rest of the new Pokemon are half as well designed, it'll be awesome. Can't wait to trade/battle with everybody. :3 I just hope Fennekin, the Fire starter, doesn't turn into ANOTHER Fire/Fighting type! Dx
    I still play Pokemon. X and Y look interesting. I'm also a HUGE Zelda fan (as you've seen from my posts in the zelda thread), as well as most Nintendo franchises lol. I haven't been able to try an Elder Scrolls game yet, but now I have a PS3, I'll try and get Skyrim. :) I'm also really enjoying Final Fantasy 6, and love the Assassin's Creed games. I guess I'm an all-around gamer. :3
    That's all right. :) Kingdom Hearts is awesome! This site is great too. Without it I wouldn't have met my girlfriend. ^//^ And without Pokemon Black/White I wouldn't be able to voice chat with her. xD Yay for awesome games!
    Yeah, I'm not rich either. xD I'll be scraping up pennys to get it though. :3 What interests you the most within it? The KH1FM content, Re:CoM, or the Days "movie"?
    Simply PM me the details if you have a request. I don't work in any of the shops on the site at this point in time.
    I'm pretty sure the tag you are wearing I made...I can't believe how bad it looks lmao

    Are you sure it was only a year ago??
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