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  • OH LOOK AT THIS ITS SO COOL... I kind of remember it. :D
    YouTube - ‪LITERAL Assassin's Creed Revelations Trailer‬‏
    Nah, you seem cool so I sent a friend request. We're in a couple of the same RP's (supernaturals and pokemon) ^^
    Also thank you for the example ^_^, also your rp is cool, Water maiden gun mage Elina Remheart ^_^, the magic gun is an awesome weapon, very unique looking too ^_^
    Name: Xen Choco
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Darkness and Light
    Appearance:long spiky silver hair, light dark brown skin, mako infused red eyes, occasionally changes to a mako infused multi colored mixed blue eyes, wears a first class solider uniform with a long black hooded cloak

    Bio: Born in the Junon, aspired to be like his idol hero first class SOLIDER Zack Fair traveled to Midger and joined SOLIDER at the age of 16. Two years later after Zack and Cloud's disappeared, Xen became a first class SOLDIER. Three monthes later after taking down a Bethmoth Fury while protecting a wounded fellow SOLIDER member, Xen was heavily wounded and past out from his injuries, after back up finally came, Xen was handed to professor Hojo and was experimented on for 2 years. During the 2nd year, Xen was being put through yet another experiment when finally woken up from his long sleep, in a daze he overheard Hojo cackling about a black spiky haired SOLIDER member being killed near Midger. Xen, shocked by this bit of news, broke out of his pod and confronted Hojo asking him if that SOLDIER member's name was Zack. When Hojo told him that that SOLDIER member was indeed first Class SOLDIER Zack Fair, Xen threw Hojo against the wall and quickly ran out of the shinra building. One year later as Xen was wandering through the slums of Midgar, he met a man named Barret and decided to join his Organization "AVALANCHE", to get revenge for what Shinra did to him and what they did to Zack.

    Personalty: Nice, Always happy, A bit goofy and a little shy

    Weapon 1: Sword Called Neos Arcanum, more around the same size as cloud's buster sword, also has the two holes near the hilt like cloud's buster sword.
    Weapon 2: Has Ultimate Dark materia and Ultimate Light materia infused in body, so he can control darkness and light.
    Weapon 3: A little Bare hands and feet martial arts taught by Tifa Lockhart ^_^
    Type: Mako and Jenova cell infused human
    Other: Likes sweet food, taking care of his Chocobo Whirlwind and fighting
    Nora: Grate Now I can say it with empty buddy! Hey now that you say *Siting in corner and still in pain* What you mean?!?! Why?!?! AND Hey now that you say that lets make a friendly rp! With bright! LOL Sure there be a friend! Here is the rp qes!: Name:Age:Gender: Ability:Appearance:Bio: Personalty: Weapon: (3 and one is difrent and a grate abilityc) Type: (Human,gifted,ability)Other:

    Soge: what you mean by empty buddy?.? lol when i said she turned into she hulk and squashed me for accidentally calling her *Rikku*, was making a joke that i was still in pain from being squashed. Why what?.? sure that'd fun ^_^.
    yup, my cousins ^_^, their my best friends and my friend from my high school i graduated from, haven't been able to talk to him in a year though T_T, yup she turned into "she hulk" (marvel character) and squashed me everytime i accidentally called her *rikku*....lol *sits in the corner still in pain*, yup she usually calls me Zack, lol i think she called me Zack the puppy one time, can't remember when though lol, yup, you can me Zack as well if you want its easier then SogeUsopp114 lol ^_^, hmm....Roxana, Brightness, her name fits very well, she is like ff 10 Rikku, always happy and cheerful ^_^ is it ok if i add you as friend on khinsider?.?
    having a best friend is the best, no matter the age difference ^_^. i've done that a few time by accident, she yelled at me T_T, alright i'll check it out ^_^
    lol ya and now i know what it is ^_^, now for rp are you asking about how to make an avatar character on psn home or is this for something else?.? so your Roxana's best friend huh, thats pretty cool, that good to know, i was kinda wondering if you knew her cus at the same time i read your post on wanting to know how to make an rp Roxana brought poke rp lol ^_^, lol cool as well, lol were already psn friends, lol nice to meet you SloenSloen ^_^
    1. form an idea
    2. make it into a believable story and add rules (no godmodding or powerplaying etc...)
    3. put your believable story in Signups and Discussions
    4. wait for people to sign up, then put the Story into canon roleplays or original roleplays depending on if it is modeled after a tv show, movie, book, etc.. or if it was made up solely by you.
    5. Have fun with your new addiction, till someone disappears for a week without warning.
    Nothing much!!!! How are you??? I have been reading and going to school. And getting excited over the new Wii.
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