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Nobody XIII
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  • Just imagine how beautiful their child would be if they could though 8D
    But one question, who'd be the mother? Maybe Ventus, because he's more motherly than Vanitas.

    Wait, why am I talking about this?! D;
    Cannot say, huh?
    Around here it's very late evening, so I have to answer your next message tomorrow. ;)

    VM => Visitor Message, the thingys we're writing at the moment.
    *ggg* => either short form for grinning or a friendly giggle I think.
    That rule really should not apply to VMs...lol

    Hot? So I assume you're somewhere on the other side of the world huh?
    Here in Central Europe it's already night. Half an hour and I need to get to bed, have work tomorrow, *ggg*
    True that, you may have a point there~ Yus, I'm sure he is classed as one character and thanks to him, we are now aware of the outcome if Vanitas and Ventus were possibly able to have a child. o-O

    Oh and thanks for the friend invite. 8D
    Nuu! D: Didn't they ever hear that staring is impolite? Dang, I should teach those bois some respectable manners.

    I know, right? 8D

    As is yours! *High five for Vanitas awesome shizzles*
    Yours sorta makes me feel like both Ventus and Vanitas are both staring into my soul.
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