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  • Thats good
    hey mind taking a look at my rp? I need more members and I think you'd like it
    the link is in my signature
    I have a feeling it's going to end pretty well. BTW, ever played Shadow of the Colossus for PS2?
    Oh, don't worry about that, we get a flood of posts during the business week. Also, thanks, I've tried very hard to make this RP a success.
    No, but you will recieve a crystal from the boss that works for no one but the Warrior of Profecy. Which dungeon are you thinking of going to? If it's the City in the Heavens, I'll send Divum with you.
    Your welcome man. Lately, they are one of my favorites, along with Aerosmith, Metallica, Queen, and 3 Days Grace.
    Your welcome. BTW, you've been posting your messages in your own profile, which means I haven't been getting them. To send me a message, just click on my name, type it in the text box, and send. Here's another good song by the same band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1b-ZuOp338
    I was just reading through it, but i just posted on it. And thanks for the song it fits my character perfectly.
    Chad (varsha) and Jinan (Sorafinalform) defeated Demonic Child, Zexos (me) and cleared the Cave of Endless Sins and are heading back to Sakura Kuni.
    Canis, Divum, and Aria (all me) are heading to the Forbidden Marsh and are seperating from Eva and Shadow (all varsha) who are headed for Baavaya, a city in Watertha.
    Rika (King Wolfe) is either going with Canis or going to look for Jinan, her lover.
    Canis and Eva are also in a relationship.
    Hope this helped.
    Hey man, yes we are still accepting characters. If you want, since we are pretty far in the base story, I can give you a quick synopsis of what has happened so far.
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