• As we all know, this is a forum for Kingdom Hearts. Even so, if anybody posts spoilers for Endgame anywhere on this site without spoiler tags, you will be banned. If you change your avatar to something related to Endgame, you will be banned. If you put something in your signature, send a message to somebody that is visibly seen, or share spoilers with somebody who does not wish to see them, you will be banned.

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  • No, it's fine! I gave up on trying to get to her after that last post tonight, now I'm just in the back of the classroom chewing on popcorn and watching students yell at each other until this all blows over or inevitably gets closed :s
    Hehe, sorry about that post on Larxene's thread, I got carried away and probably gave the issue way more attention than it deserved.
    Hey, I wanted to let you know I had to delete a post of yours. It was causing a page on the D23 news thread to glitch due to a link you had. I'll try to fix it but I wanted to let you know in case you saw and wondered why xD
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