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    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    Finally, someone freaking gets it. Whether I agree with all of what he says or not, ya'll can't constantly pick and chose which characters are relevant or not because it's a non-argument. You can pretty much break down any characters' impact on the story to their most basic level and it call...
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    Yozora is actually important. He really is.

    I honestly just wish he had a different design to him then just looking like a hybrid of Sora and Riku (especially Riku). Just feels a little redundant to me and takes away the cool aspect of his character design but I guess I'll have to try to mentally get over that somehow.
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    #Sora4Smash is trending on Twitter!

    Wow. Just killed all the excitement. Welp, the hope was there... until it suddenly wasn't in a flash of ine tweet. That sucks.
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    The next game should be a Kairi spin-off

    Axel, primarily. Since that's the only character outside of Sora and Riku that she's had the most interaction and history with. Plus, it would give an opportunity to flesh out the "mysterious girl" arc they want to do since I'd figure Kairi's backstory would become part of her story, Radaint...
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Make

    I don't think I would do that. To be honest, among other things, I would have Kairi have more of an active role in the story later on and expand her powers. Not necessarily take away Sora's sacrifice or her being in his heart the whole time but maybe give her something to do after the fact. I...
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Make

    So I came across a video a while ago talking about the porspect of a remake of the first KH game and it caught me by surprised because it's something I never really thought about before. Now, whether it's a good idea or not is the other question. Because remakes of past games gave work in the...
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    Sora's chances in SSB Ultimate (and your opinions on KH Marketing)

    No big thread here, just curious about Sora's chances of being in SSB Ultimate, a game I've recently been playing a lot of lately and was excited to here him be one of the most requested. But to be honest, I'm not sure if that's just from rapid KH fans or general gamer enthusiasm for him to be...
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    Should characters that got their happy ending be relevant to the new plot or stuck to cameos?

    I think it'd be pretty lame to have all these characters that we've come to love and spent almost half the saga figuring out how to save them to be regulated to just cameos. I would like to see theirs arcs taken much further now that they all have new lives now beyond Xehanort and the...
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    How many times did you play through KH3?

    With every KH game, I played them in a lot of my time before KH3. And though KH3 definately isn't my favorite KH game, there's a lot of things I love about it and I continue to play it every once in a while. Maybe because I played the other games so many times, I just mind of got bored of them...
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    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    Sora, Riku, and Kairi being an actual trio. Something that will probably never happened again #theSorandRikushow But as far content, yeah, I expected FF and Radiant Garden playable. Just kind of shocked that's one the thing they thought KH fans didn't care about having in KH3, when having them...
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    Chances Of KHIII Winning Awards?

    Highly unlikely for obvious reasons.
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    The Crown

    I just hope that means Sora will still be the main character and not Yozora. I don't know if I want him stealing that spotlight. Not saying that's what that means. I don't know, I still find him to be a completely unnecessary character and a Riku re-skin but people say the same about Xion and...
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    The next game should be a Kairi spin-off

    Eh, I'd rather have Axel or Xion as companions rather then Donald and Goofy. Although, that begs the question of how she would even get to other worlds. Unless of course she gets her hands on the star shard (thats probably not the actual name) that Mickey had in BBS. But as far as standing...
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    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    I've felt this way for a while but I feel like I can't rightfully speak on it since I haven't been apart this community for years and years and garnered relationships like many others and I don't do much interaction with anyone besides an occasional post but honestly, you toke the words right...
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    Best KH3 Quotes

    Sora: "My journey began the day I lost her. And everytime I find her, she slips away again. This time, I thought we'd finally be together but she's out there alone.... ...not for one more second" I know SoraxKairi isn't all that well developed but Sora is the MVP boyfriend for that line alone...