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    The Crown

    I just hope that means Sora will still be the main character and not Yozora. I don't know if I want him stealing that spotlight. Not saying that's what that means. I don't know, I still find him to be a completely unnecessary character and a Riku re-skin but people say the same about Xion and...
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    The next game should be a Kairi spin-off

    Eh, I'd rather have Axel or Xion as companions rather then Donald and Goofy. Although, that begs the question of how she would even get to other worlds. Unless of course she gets her hands on the star shard (thats probably not the actual name) that Mickey had in BBS. But as far as standing...
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    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    I've felt this way for a while but I feel like I can't rightfully speak on it since I haven't been apart this community for years and years and garnered relationships like many others and I don't do much interaction with anyone besides an occasional post but honestly, you toke the words right...
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    Best KH3 Quotes

    Sora: "My journey began the day I lost her. And everytime I find her, she slips away again. This time, I thought we'd finally be together but she's out there alone.... ...not for one more second" I know SoraxKairi isn't all that well developed but Sora is the MVP boyfriend for that line alone...
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    Is KH complicated or just a lot to remember?

    I had come across a comment a video about Kingdom Hearts andnthat was one of the comment that explained why people find KH complicated but its just a lot to remember. I personally know what your guys opinion stands on that? For me? I think its a large mixture of both because of the way the...
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    Love to the Osaka staff

    Well, what secret would that be if we don't have the time to find it? I never really heard anything bad about Noruma personality besides the whole debacle with FFv13.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    Honestly, I was hoping for more playable characters then just Aqua, Riku, and Roxas. I wanted to play as Kairi and Ventus and Lea and Xion and, hell, even Terra. But maybe I'm expecting too much. I don't know. Other then that, everything else looks fine. I just hope the price isn't too high.
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    Am I the only one that thinks yozora is gonna be a series mainstay?

    I'm fully aware of what went down with FFv13 and I'm incredibly sympathetic about what happened with him. Sqaure gave him a raw deal regardless of how much Noruma was constantly changing the story and gameplay overtime. But still, Square did him dirty in a lot of ways and as a creator, I feel...
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    Am I the only one that thinks yozora is gonna be a series mainstay?

    I feel the same way, which is why I'm board for KHx going to console to futher explore those ideas. And yeah, I just don't like the idea of another Riku running around anyway but Yozora being Riku's nobody would be a conclusion I'd be kind of okay with but yeah, I'm not entirely sure I want...
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    Am I the only one that thinks yozora is gonna be a series mainstay?

    Agreed. I don't mind Yozora having an important role but I don't want him to overshadow the rest of the characters. We need to build on them instead of focusing too much on a character thats just a Riku reskin at this point. And that sounds harsh on my end because the secret ending is one of...
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    Spreading Positivity for Kingdom Hearts III

    Damn... You know, as a kid, I was never very strongly attached to the series as I am now. I had WAY more interested in other types of games, especially old school ones like my brother had when he was a kid in the early 90s. They always fascinated me more then current games at the time. Not to...
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    Would a full Blown KH MMO be a good idea?

    Honest to god, as costly as I know it would be, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross transition into a full on console game with gameplay that's pretty much KH3, 3D models, and the story being more fleshed out, is the direction that game needs to go to stay relevant. Because as far as this game is right...
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    So... why are there no Disneyland Attractions/Merchandise/presence for Kingdom Hearts?

    Its a question I've always wondered for a while but I don't think I got a clear answer or discussion for it. Why are there no attraction rides at any park, not even Toyko Disneyland for Kingdom Hearts? Why is Kingdom Hearts' presence seem to be downplayed by Disney at its parks or just in...
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    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    This is what I'm talking about. I don't understand how you can think the romantic elements are not there just because they're lacking but when the series does put emphasis on it when it becomes the focus, you just ignore it outright or make excuses, especially in KH2 when it literally told right...
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    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    I mean... I don't know, I just disagree with Sora/Riku scenario because the hints seen aren't provided because its the narrative intention to spot out hints, its just what people want to see and have fun with. Which I have no problem with but you can't deny something isn't and say something else...