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  • Everything for me is going great. Don't want to ramble, but it is really good. I'm happy to hear that things are great for you!

    What is so great about everything?
    tu es un four?

    qu'est-ce que tu dis? D:
    i'm very well. feeling much better than the last few days. been speaking french just about all day today because of some transfer students which is nice for a change.
    inconceivable >:l


    anyway what's happening
    lol dont we alright know each other? lol i'm darkwatch D:

    I know right?

    I tried to replay KH from the beginning, but after being spoiled by the speed and polish of Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3, I found KH1 extremely sluggish, so I never actually finished playing it a second time around. Unfortunately, though, I think I may have forgotten the entire story! I will have to scour the internet for cutscenes, since that seems to be the popular thing to do.

    I was actually a big RP nerd when I was much younger, but I stopped RPing to keep up with my school work during junior and senior year. After graduating, I decided I wanted to RP again. Low and behold, I found KHI after Googling for an RP forum. I quickly expanded my forum activity to General Discussions as well because I found the topics were quite interesting to discuss.

    What about you? What made you join KHI?
    And I love to bicker; it can be very educational. (Other times, you just want to throw your computer at the wall because the other guy is so dense. But these are rare occurrences, and I generally enjoy the thoughts being posted.)

    Very good, actually. My family just went to town, so I'm asking them to pick up Birth by Sleep for me. I'm still a KH fan at heart; anything with an FF theme in it will win me over effortlessly. Yourself? Have you outgrown KH yet?
    Right now, i'm doing the level 1 critical run of it -.- it is screwing me up the ass lol

    Hell yeah! Those type of things should suck, but I would actually go see it lol
    Hahaha do not spoil! I did it for BBS and it kind of ruined the whole gaming experience for me T_T You can do itt

    Have you seen the live action pokemon trailer? lol
    Haha thats cool. You're just chilll lol

    You said you liked pokemon, right? Have you seen the new black and white?
    Haha, sorry. Heck yeah, I was going to school too much anyway lol

    Ah, life has been good. It seems like everything is starting to come together with me. I'm more outgoing than I've ever been, and I'm more happy. And i'm making even more amazing friends

    tl;dr i'm good lol

    How has life been for you?
    I don't even know. I think it is a cold. Kinda gross, but i'm coughing up mucus, have a fever and headaches >_<
    haha i understand im kinda like that with gfs. do you get attached aeasy
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