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    your bf must be delighted to have an open midned girl
    isnt she though. i want her haha. are you a lesbian or just truthful
    what do you think about california girls?
    :3 thank you n.n
    though I made it with a tutorial, it came out really good ;3
    Im a big fan of metal gear solid lol I think it is the best, and kingdom hearts of course. And Klonoa.

    You ever heard of any of those?
    Sorry to hear that. But of course, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Anyway enough about that lol

    Do you play any other video games?
    That's cool. Teenagers nowadays aren't like that at all. Most of the ones here are just sluts anyway. :/

    So your high school experience wasn't that great, right?
    Ah, so that is where the drama came from. You and the girl, right? That just sounds like high school to me.
    Ah, cool. The reason I ask is because most people who have been on this site for a long time tend to grow out of KH. Thats cool. I'm still a fan, I just got BBS. I lost some faith in it after KH2 but BBS restored it. My school is alright, but the people there are dicks. Besides some of my good friends. Sophomore year is good shit though.

    How was your sophomore year?
    The same as you. Everything is alright but could be waaay better. Mainly cus of school.

    Are you still a fan of KH?
    Ah, Moses? That's a nice name? I think it was Moses that was splitting seas. But you're a girl, right?
    Indeed, that looks like something that is really artsy. Like on history channel or some shit

    Hi, i'm Erick by the way :)
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