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  • This is true. I myself am only putting up another Open Challenge because my current battles are all progressing very slowly. Hardly any action for a couple of weeks. So, I throw up a test for my new character. When we're both available then; we'll see if you can catch me in the perfect moment
    If not, I could issue a challenge to you. Reserve a spot on one of my Prophets if you'd like.
    No worries; this is the third of my five Prophets. Odds are you'll catch one of them :)
    Also, it looks as if Zetsumi foiled your idea, perhaps? Or are you still fine? Because if nothing else, I'm starting to get bored of the warm-up.
    Hello Morpheaus. If I may make a request of your presence in the judgement of my Order Ranked Battle with Chromatic_Chaos. Once I retrieve a judge, I plan to post the thread up.
    I'm thinking something new. I'm probably going to use my new Flagship character, Nurio. He's in the fight with Heresy, go take a look. I took a lot of ideas from The Dreamer and remodeled them with original tactics and other things. So if you have a new character, feel free. Or use Ukiah. Hell, if you really want to I guess I could dust off Lightstar one more time. It's not like the bastard's doing anything aside from building amusement parks now... out of the souls of children.
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