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    If you are interested in the Japanese Preorder bonus for Kingdom Hearts 2.8

    So I was someone that thought the preorder bonus for KH 2.8 in Japan looked super cool. I loved that it featured the cast in the KH manga art style with cute little text bubbles. I was really disappointed when we found out we were only getting a pin once again. I know Disney pin collecting is a...
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    Gummi Ship Ex Missions - Can't Select Any Ship?

    Hey everyone...working on my platinum for 2.5. When I choose to do a gummi ship ex mission and get to the ship select portion, all my ships, whether blueprints or custom made are crossed out and I can't select. Any advice?
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    omg this gae me a hard on

    woooah whats this omg theres a note inside i wundur wat is sahs ommmmggg I AM SUCH A HUSTLER THIS IS THE START THIS IS WHERE IT BEINGS
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    help guys monkey is missing

    can anyone find him
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3 I should probably watch Wreck it Ralph, from what I understand part of that movie's charm is that it's a bit meta and has a lot of cultural references? You think that type of style would fit in with Kingdom Hearts? That's definitely true that the pirates "IP" has...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3 So, I actually haven't watched the film yet but many are calling Frozen the best Disney animated film since the early 90's (Lion King/Beauty and the Beast era). With such amazing reviews, I wonder what people would think of a Frozen world? There's some precedent as...
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    YOU ARE ALL INVITED HOUSTON TEXAS BABY YAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAA AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHH HAHAHAHAHHSAHA We are living our lives Abound with so much information Come on, let go of the remote Don't you know you're letting all the junk flood in I try to stop the flow...
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    Can't beat Zexion

    help :( idk why R-R gives me shittier cards each world I progress through
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    it's stooge's birthday

    my phone told me fuckin smartphones also fuck this guy
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    Speedster Trophy Trick

    Even though it is super easy to do, if anyone doesn't want to have to play the game again to get the speedster trophy, here's a trick... Let your game run past 100 hours. At that point the counter restarts at zero and if you beat the game under 15 hours then it still registers as less than 15...
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    Any tips for the last Atlantica gummi mission?

    I have so much trouble with it, to get points I need to destroy objects. Destroying objects means items will show up and thus it becomes insane to try and dodge. That and, if I chose not to destroy certain objects that are right in your path of trajectory as it will force you to grab its item...
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    Gummi Ship Question

    I am at Traverse Town the second time around, just unlocked Cid's gummi shop So I have advanced gummi items like thundara g and cura g (instead of thunder and cure). They even show up in my inventory in the gummi menu. However, when I go to build, none of them show up. What gives?
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    The Art on the Bluray for this game is gorgeous

    Random, but who else was filled with delight looking at the disc for the first time?
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    So I've read, picking the shield, sword, and staff +/- has different effects in final mix when compared to the original. Anyone have a full guide on the changes?
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    Class ended after gamestop closed today

    who else is as miserable as I am right now :(