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  • Eh, not really. You're free to ask us for advice anytime, but you can pretty much sticky whatever you feel is necessary. If any of us disagree, we'll bring it up.
    What do you know, you look pretty good in red.

    Congratulations, Galen (if you don't mind me calling you that).
    maybe a little

    Oh, I'm alright with Speed Racer. I like the idea of a tie featuring a retro anime character from like 20 years ago more than I like the show though :T. But also, the movie just flat out sucked.

    Eh. I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge anyways.
    I've never actually seen pictures of him lol. I just picture most guitarists as being fairly badass and capable in fights.

    Oh wow, Speed Racer sucked. Unless you get off on your eyes bleeding and your brain going numb from shitty plot and dialogue, of course lol. WATCH GARDEN STATE YOU FAG.

    There's a staff section we're not supposed to talk about, actually. oh shi-
    If you get beaten up by Sonic Youth you know you're worth about two shits. Thurston seems like he could kick an ass or two though.
    Pshh, nawh. I'm just noticing an interesting family dynamic here. Namely that your parents have the same tastes as you =o

    lol i was commenting on my own recommendation page in the staff section so TMM took away my mod us for now. But whateverrr
    any band that labels itself as post-rock AND math-rock leaves me kind of skeptical. Hmm.
    oh wow. i can't even begin to imagine what your home life must be like lol
    nawh, most of my friends are smarter than the masses
    even if they have a tendency to watch shitty movies read shitty books and listen to shitty music :C
    yes you.
    i pointed out that there were no mods in music, and then using my mighty charisma i convinced him that me, you, and maybe Pelafina would do awesome things to the place.
    oh lol, i hadn't noticed
    i asked TMM about it in passing and i guess i am now

    also what the fuck is up with your profile background
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