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  • Excuses. I know you liked at the very least Third and Everything that Happens will Happen Today. And you SHOULD have liked Saturdays=Youth, at the very least.
    My facebook shitted out on me. Anyways.

    You're one to talk, your list was a veritable who's-who of pitchfork superstars. Aside from maybe The Bedlam in Goliath, but that shit was horrible, anyways. And seriously, Fuck Buttons? Only the most pretentious of music critic fags could like that shit.

    Besides, I actually don't get my music from Pitchfork. Mostly it's by word of mouth, or I listened to it and it ended up being, god forbid, GOOD MUSIC.

    Man, I only own two greatest hits cds. I've listened to David Bowie of course, but I'm clearly not a fan like you are. I've never said anything else, either.
    Yesh I do :3

    It's that bad? Compare it to the DN one I had the other night, this is an improvement :C
    But the whole city scene isn't really doing it for me so I'll try and find something else, something "green"
    It should be. I saw you online when I first added you and then after that night you never showed again.
    It's official - I adore fucking foreigners to my country; That stock is gorgeous and the tag I make you is going to be divine. I'll try to have it to you in a couple of hours. Would you like for it to have any particular colors, or do you want me to just freelance?
    No problem, love.
    Just give me a stock that has some nice resolution, and I'll make you a wonder.
    Can't really say that I can name any artists right off the bat. I've never been good with names anyway, haha. But for style, I'm definitely tilting more toward the abstract side. Minimalistic and pop art styles are influencing my work by the day.
    Lawl, I'm actually nearly finished with a Warhol tag.
    If you're into the guy, I'll let you rock it if you want it

    I'll update it later if I have time. When you say cancel out, what do you mean? Like, would it just be possible for us to just like alternate days for editing, or would that not work?
    No, fuck you. I want to write my critical analysis on my book about time traveling black people.
    lol algaebra? How embarrassing. You're in 9th grade, right?

    Also, I'm letting you have the Music section all to yourself. :3
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