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  • i'm sure he'll just take any stammering to mean that you're nervous. :p

    if he comes back with something like "you know i have a boyfriend," just let him know that this is for your peace of mind first and foremost, and that you couldn't not take a chance to see if there was anything there. he sounds like a nice guy, so i'm sure he'll be receptive.
    it's definitely an awful lot of coincidences!

    i really think you should say something to him, especially being so hung up on him like you are. it sounds like there's a chance he may reciprocate, based on everything you've shared. and i mean, the worst that could happen is that it won't work out, but that'll happen anyway if you don't act on your feelings anytime soon.
    thank you so much! i really appreciate it :3

    and i'm sure my mom even has the magazine lying around somewhere. but i do have pics and headshots haha
    well now im leaving this thursday! so it's starting to feel all the more real ;~;
    i'm going to FSU (Florida State) and I'm currently enrolled as a journalism major but that may change to marketing so it'll complement the MBA I hope to receive. And thanks bby ♥ Fun fact: I used to model when I was 6-8 haha
    im so happy to hear that.

    and i've been doing fine. i leave for college on sunday so im freaking out trying to make sure everything is packed and that im ready to go... ;n;
    Um, I guess so. It's different, but in a good way. It's easier to be myself around her so that's pretty neat!
    aw, yeah, i just got caught up with your thread. tough break. i'd offer advice, but i wouldn't even know how to navigate that situation myself. :c
    we just kind of grew apart. she went to school in connecticut and i stayed in california, so it was pretty hard to make that work.

    a friend that i actually knew in high school. we got really close about a month before summer and that just kind of turned into dating.
    which one chick? i broke up with my girlfriend of two years back in october. but i started dating a new girl about two months back and that's been going swell!
    Good lord why do I think whenever I get Notifications that I am in trouble?
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