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  • really? gosh i thought i was like the only person who had no clue how to swim lol *hugs* well i will stay by ur side until u get it back together... no matter how long it takes..
    lol yeah i dont know how to swim i just like being in the water xD ur right im sorry these things take time to heal..
    aww u went swimming? i love swimming =) but are u alright matt? im really really sorry about what happened...
    yeah but we broke up and i'm trying to fix it but not doing to well.LOL but hey man hell yeah your lucky she's pretty,smart and funny je je I had a little crush too when in the social groups days.LOL
    Yeah :3 and now I'm in band school :/ lol (Its was both Gesso and Chaos like a three way call, you should get skype [do they have an app for it? 0_O] cause its cool lol) and well now you are on vacation!!!!!
    im maaaaaaaaaaaaad, my super cute avvie is gone now.... khi is so mean i cant talk to gesso either... ='( lol but anyways how have u been?
    Please save me from Hell. My new school sucks. It's a boarding school. Did you know you have to wear uniforms in boarding school? Grrrrrrr...... I'v already got detention tomorrow. I'm in Hell. As I said before.
    My day has been pretty much great <3 besides the chores that I procrastinated on cause of a 3 hour skype conversation (LIKE 3 HOURS :/ SO LOOOOONG [yet it was cool]) but yeah pretty much good, hbu?
    Well at least at night is ok its better than nothing of course, it would be ALOT harder if you couldn't talk at all xC
    Yeah you were gone for a while, but that gave me alot of time to free up the rest of my day lol just so that I can talk to you more ;3
    And that was yesterday lol, *huggles more* and todays been different already lol x3 <3
    Haha well now you aren't on and I'm bored too cause I don't believe that anyone else is on eithe :p *huggles* nothing much, just hanging out at my grandparents house now, not doing much else today lol wbu?
    Yep I am for just a little bit, and then I'll be on later too :3 and is that just when I'm not here?
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