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  • Well i'm just giving you my personal opinion. You don't have to use Toys N Joys, just use whatever you feel comfortable using.
    Well I preordered my copy of BBS, it took about a week after the game was released in japan to get here.

    Well when I ordered 358/2 days it took a very long time to get here, but Toys n Joys has never lost anything I ordered, even if sometimes it takes them a while.
    ........... o__O
    are you talking to me?

    haha xD who's the one insulting people for no reason and making a complete idiot out of himself just to get attention?
    the answer: you.
    you see, what you fail to realise is........
    you're right, that quote probably wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for the fact that everyone knows that joke on this site e__e

    also, you don't need to play videogames all the time to know your favorite character from your favorite video game's catchphrase
    wow. really? a gay porn site?
    although, i guess it's pretty obvious why you found that site before I did *cough*faggot*cough*
    does your daddy touch you too much? is that why you're gay?
    also, do the world a favor and come up w/ some better insults for God's sake. (fuckface: not that creative)

    and as far as the whole "friendship" thing goes, you're not acting very friendly. (Kairi quote, lol)
    maybe if you sucked less cock, you would get more friends. just sayin
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