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  • terribly lol. i need glasses now, havent been able to sleep much and my responsibilities have gotten more demanding but i’m just taking it and relative stride and doing my own thing. finally got in shape, got my license, and now i’m just taking a break for the holidays and trying to enjoy myself
    Thank you Choo Mon, and I've been good. How has the world been treating you?
    yes, i just finished the show. its in my top 3 shows ever and i am, on all levels but physical, andy dwyer. maybe physical as well but the research is yet to be done
    i'm only watching the GOOD sitcoma. parks and rec, office, its always sunny, etc. basically anything acclaimed and recent. and we surely need a parks and rec section on these here forums.
    i've been fine, just doing my own thing same as usual, getting in shape, learning guitar, and watching entire sitcoms at once. so yeah.
    I'm fine, gotta go to bed now (1.34 am).
    See ya tomorrow!...or later. Lol
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