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    What is the purpose of the Player character now?

    The story of Union Cross is now focused around the endeavors of the "somewhat but not quite" Union Leaders. This renders the character you play and experience the journey through as rather unimportant in the grand scheme of things. They don't seem to further the story in anyway, and only partake...
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    I will post confessions...

    The amount of confessions will be based on amount of replies on this thread... Let the embarrassment begin! <3 Confession 1: I'm afraid of losing a loved one, being outside in the dark...alone...And, I have a semi-phobia of spiders. Confession 2: I'm extremely passive-aggressive when mad...
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    Who do you think the Black Coat in the KHUX Art is?

    Even though this is extremely outdated. I just want your opinions. Personally, I think it is either our Player or Strelitzia.
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    The W🌎KE Thread

    Talk about how W🌎KE you are in this thread... Before the Illuminati gets to us.
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    Ranking of Keyblade Wielder strength

    I am making this list for the fun of it, however it will be as accurate as possible. Spots can also be shared if deemed necessary...Which is going to happen a lot Feats are how the ranking is going to go, like always. Certain people will be missing if they have a Keyblade, but haven't had any...
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    Who gave Keyblades to the Keyblade Wielders in Daybreak Town? *THEORY*

    This is going to contain a lot of theorizing, now is your chance to turn back if you don't like long pages of quotes. This strange voice, is what seemingly grants us the Keyblade. Only after picking the Union that we desire, we get given the Keyblade. Now, why does this matter? Well, something...
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    List of Union Cross predictions

    *WARNING! TAKE THESE ALL WITH A GRAIN OF SALT! THEY ARE WHAT I THINK CAN HAPPEN! NOT MADE TO START AN ARGUMENT!* No. 1: Maleficent manages to take the Players medals away (Credit goes to DefiantHeart) Maleficent takes away the Player's only source of power (Medals), and the Player is stuck...
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    Who do you think inherented the Book of Prophecies in Union X Cross?

    Answer who you think it is, and discuss of why you think it's the person you picked. I think I might know who, as only one person fits the "dangerous" description. But that is for another time. So discuss down below!
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    The Player's speech in KHuX

    This whole thing was my idea. I was the one who wanted to look for Ephemer, and for good reason. You see, I've gone to different worlds to gather Lux; a lot of effort has gone into the contributions to my Union. I've even had to fight those I consider my friends. I've done everything that was...
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    KHuX characters in a Nutshell

    Master of Master:HA! I AM GOING TO LEAVE YOU ALL! Luxu:*Eating popcorn waiting for stuff to go down* Ava:EEEEVVVVIIILLLL! Aced:I have a sudden urge to kill people... Ira:I KNOW YOU ARE THE TRAITOR! *Talking to mirror, hits self with brick* Gula:Well, time to go into the random warehouse...
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    What Keyblades are made of (THEORY)

    Alright so Keyblades, the most familiar weapons in the KH universe. But what are they exactly made of? Now this theory is well...pointless, it only explains what they are made of. Alright so, Keyblades can rust..? So they must have some sort of iron within them, as they can oxidize. Now...
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    Ways of getting a Keyblade

    This thread was made for reasons. Basically, what are some ways you think are ways to get a Keyblade? And most importantly of all! Do they just vanish from the Keyblade Graveyard randomly whenever someone gets one?
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    The next big ship in KH is...

    Brick Wall x That one Starlight in the Keyblade Graveyard! Think about it! They are perfect! Almost as perfect as Tree x Card from CoM! pls love me
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    The Future of Kairi and Sora's relationship

    This is something I have wanted to make for a while, but never had the time until now. Alright, so a lot of people ship Kairi and Sora (And I mean, A LOT) they are also hinted to have romantic feelings for one another. As we have seen from Sora himself as well as Kairi, and as a result people...
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    A theory about the Special Episode

    So as we saw in the Special Episode, the Player awakes in Enchanted Domain after having loops of the events from Chi. So where exactly is the Player? Well, the Keyblade War destroyed the World and the Dandelions escaped, along with the Player. But what if the "unique" way the Player was...