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  • I'll be waiting in the Wi-Fi room for Weezing. And then we'll trade for Lucario on White. Thanks again man!
    They're both legit, but I'd rather give you Lucario to be honest. Does that work with you? And if you can trade now, so can I.

    It'll have to be like before; I'll trade you on SoulSilver first and then I'll trade you on White.
    Oh yeah by the way, a shiny Gyarados is up as an option as well, forgot to mention.

    Natures: Gyarados is Quiet, Dialga is Brave, Nidoking is Sassy, Golbat is Bold, Hitmonchan is Adamant, Abra is Sassy, Linoone is Gentle, Uxie is Rash, Empoleon is Quirky, Ralts is Relaxed, Giratina is Adamant, Infernape is Hardy, Lucario is Hardy.
    Sorry that I didn't give you a list last night; I was coming home from vacation and my schedule got a little crazy. As for what I'll offer you, would you like:

    Shiny: Dialga, Nidoking, Golbat, Hitmonchan, Abra, Linnone, Uxie, Empoleon, Ralts, Giratina, Infernape, or Lucario?
    I'll give you a specific list later tonight, but I can offer you some shinies or dex fillers. Unless you have something in mind that you want?
    Duh! JK

    Well the point of the club would be to unify the forums, it would be a meeting ground where all could meet & discuss everything, and anything, with equal footing. Unlike most clubs which are unified through a commomn love/ or hate of certain real or fictitious characters, which can defiantly exclude some ppl, all you have to do to join is touch your fist to your computer screen, that is if you don't break it. The club would be unified through love... and Bro-fists!
    im REALLY glad I decided to do the bro-fist thing its helped me to make a ton of new friends here. So eventually my sig. will get full & im thinking about making a Bro-fist fanclub! If I did so would you join?
    Nah, it's cool. At least I have another entry in my Pokedex. Rebreed that Scrafty until you get a Jolly/Adamant nature, have it learn Crunch, and you're set to go.
    lol you should feel honored, by bro-fisting my sig. you have bro-fisted everyone on the list, with ppl like you & the others listed in my signature we can bro-fist the entire planet!
    Oh yeah, for Registeel please replace Metal Claw with Iron Head and please replace Shadow sneak with Trick for Kecleon.
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