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  • It was pretty fan girlish :p All I remember is skipping rocks across the pond with him,then sharing icecream as we watched the sunset ^_^
    Maybe not.It is my dream after all so hopefully we'd get along just like I have imagined ^_^ I had a roxas dream before and that went smoothly :p *hugs back*
    I saw on some sites that had profiles for her where the average listing was 5'5 and no taller than 5'8. Maybe in the dream she doesn't like me admiring Axel's hotness or something and kicks me across the room for that :p
    Haha,yeah though in the dream I dunno if she would know I was a fan :p That reminds me,I need to still a shrinking potion from wonderland since it seems I'd be taller than her and I don't like that one bit.Or slip her some of the growth potion :p
    I'm still waiting to have a dream with Larxene in it ^_^ though for some reason I keep thinking it I do,it will involve me being kicked in the face by her.I don't know why >_<
    Yeah,I want to get up and play some games before she gets home ^_^ we will probably wind up going out to eat.I need to go shopping for some clothes for my new job as well.Do u have any plans?
    A palm pre from sprint.Lol,I could not figure out how to set a alarm on it so i turned on my old broken phone and saw i had got some texts from co workers at a old job I used to work at.I guess they never knew I stopped working there or something or what :/ My sister got me that new phone so shes gonna hate that I am using my old one,even if its just for a alarm for one day till I ask her how to set one on my new phone ^_^
    Me too.I wanted to get up before my sister gets home from work. Ooh,theres this awesome picture of a tiger who looks all dark and scary,I set it as my background,it looks sick! :p
    Thats good :) *sighs* My new phone has so much cool stuff,yet I am not sure if I even have a alarm on it to wake me up tomorrow >_< I'm browsing through my backgrounds right now though since I just have the default one set.Lots of cool animal pictures,I am not sure which I want to set first :p
    Yeah,its pretty much the only sport I follow constantly :p though I'd never actually think of competing myself.I like my teeth right where they are thank you very much ^_^
    I check a little from time to time.Its a mma forum,so between events theres not much to really talk about or do there so meh,I get bored.Plus I started coming here more often now so that forum gets less attention from me.There is a event coming up for it that I am so stoked for this Saturday! ^_^ Just watch a couple minutes of this and tell me that does not look AWESOME! :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaGsATcYm8s
    Yeah maybe,the mod who sent it is a pretty good friend of mine there and being a guy he may have just been trying to protect me.The only other girl there who is online often is as old as I am,maybe older even and shes very sharp tongued and tom boyish so I wonder what he could have said to her without getting a verbal beat down from her :p she scares me >_< No problem :)
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