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  • I thought it was pretty good.I was mentioning it the other day at a fan club how I prefer characters with glaring flaws or weakness's and the lead in shutter island is like that.It makes them very human,and I can almost always relate to there flaws more than any other part of there character.I seem to like when a character is in a bad situation one way or another.Having there back to the wall is another thing I always like
    The Crazies.I was gonna go tonight cause my sister wanted to go but shes off of work tomorrow as well so we are going to like the 2 pm showing then.Today seemed like a expensive day for us.Everywhere we went we spent money.
    I am almost done with it but I have not played any since yesterday.I probably will go to the movies tomorrow so it may not be till Wednesday that I play it again.or maybe some tomorrow night.My first day at my new job got pushed back a day I found out this morning,so I have a extra day to relax
    This is the first time in a while I have had more than a couple of games going at once.Usually I just focus on one at a time so I can give each my full attention and finish them quicker
    I went ahead and picked up Days today even though I am still broke.It was 10 bucks cheaper than anywhere else I saw,game store or online,so I was really glad it was still at the blockbuster near my home
    Lol,I guess. I'm listening to a song that makes me think of how I'd would be around her anyways. "Well here I am. Don't know how to say this.
    Only thing I know is awkward silence.
    Your eyelids close when you're around me to shut me out." >_<
    I was discussing it a bit at the Xion fan club.I hope its true.If you lose your heart u become one of those little heartless right? Like the one in your avatar?
    Your user name reminded me of something I semi found out about today regarding the possibility to gave away your heart in this series.As much as I like most of the cast,I can't hesitate on who I would give mine to.I wonder what I would turn into if I did though.A heartless?
    I tend to like the females in fiction that are strong minded.Or at least have the heart to persevere though the hardships that are in there life.
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