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  • Heres a link to the song if u wanna hear it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zginCd6D0as Yeah,it was from 2 days ago apparently.I think I just realized who they meant by it when they were referring to them in the pm. Its a site mainly populated by men but there are a few other female members there. anyways it said "Look, this may seem like a totally weird question. But has any "long term" member ever said any sexual things to you. Its just that a member was harassed recently and the person who did it knows you quite well.Just trying to look out for you friendo" Tisk tisk, some boys just can't act there age :P
    For Nancy by Pete Yorn.Good song :) Dude,I just logged onto a forum i used to go to and had a weird and kinda creepy pm waiting for me.I can show it to u if u want :p its not a personal message really its more about some other member that a mod there was asking me about
    Thanks. Ah,yeah I get craving late at night for a snack as well quite often. Listening to a blast from the past atm.Hanging with my sister,I always hear old songs I have liked in the past cause her ipod has like 1000 songs on it and she has it hooked up in the car so its playing every time we go anywhere.
    I probably won't play anything else tonight,but I am currently playing the very first ace attorney on ds and the first breath of fire as well :) Just listening to music right now
    It did not get any buzz at all really but i thought it was a okay game :) I had to turn fatal frame off after a ghost appeared in the mirror behind me in one part.Just to creepy >_<
    Lol thanks.Its a pretty fun fighting game.I still don't understand some parts of it though. Yeah,I had not been into any in like forever till recently and it turns out they sell quite a few ps2 and ds games for really cheap.If I go to the one thats close to where I live and they still have KH days there for cheap,I am picking it up :p
    Lol,I am as well.I probably should not even be buying games right now but there so cheap at blockbuster used so I pick them up like every time I go there.I really should stay away >_< Though my older sister rented a wii game to play so at least I have that to kill time with till she returns it.And by kill time,I mean get owned on :p
    Ooh,Zexion is so cool too ^_^ he is one of my faves as well.Thats a fun idea :p I have yet to take my ds online thus far though.
    I looked into it some and it sounds like a new story. which is cool :) Thanks :) so,who is your fave organization 13 member? :p I don't think I have to say which is mine if u check my profile ^_^
    Oh,I think I know who it is but I'd have to look up the name.Lol,its okay :) Hmm,I bought a new game today called final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and am trying to see if its infact a new game in itself and not just a sort of expansion of Rings of fate or the gamecube CC. Know anything about it? I got it for ds.I saw it pretty cheap and I liked rings of fate so I picked it up and decided to check into it later in case it would snatched up before I had a chance to go get it another day.
    I'm not sure of the name either, it was the kind of thief looking one. They had haste on them at first, but it got a lot easier after dispelling it, though they seemed to get a lot stronger about halfway in.
    Not really.It was the first hard battle I have had in the game so far though so I may have been a bit over confident when it started thinking I could just feint and snap shots of him as he missed me,but it was much tougher than that.Which was the summon you got? I forget the order u get them in for the storyline
    Lol,I don't remember either.Its been a couple years since I have played it :p I was playing Fatal Frame today,and getting owned by this ghost boss who never really laid off me and was attacking me constantly in this area which is the worst place ever to fight him in.I used a lot of healing items and hit him with like five fatal frame combos before he finally went down.He was quite the scary looking and frustrating,but worthy foe >_<
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