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  • It's okay to slow down and take your time for the mural project you know ^^ We appreciate how quickly you are getting these done, but take your time. There's no rush at all~

    (Sorry to be a nitpicky ass, but I just noticed for Selphie for example, there are a bunch of tiny little transparent spots left over ^^)

    Hey thanks for the compliment n_n Wasn't expecting that! lol. So nice to hear people like Plowed.
    It's been a while since I updated, but I AM working on it. In the words of Tetsuya Nomura, "Please look forward to it!"
    Thanks for the welcome. I've been on this forum for a while, I just lurk most of the time. So yeah, anywhere you see the username numberoneyaoifan, rizuzechocolate, or pseudosoapscribe... it's probably me.

    (>^_^)> hugs, and take care kingudamu!
    Hey... Nice to meet ya... I saw your TAV fanart... very good... Nice touch with the pigtail on Aqua
    oh i thought terra is already wearing an elf hat heh.

    anyway, i noticed that aqua and ven's arms are kinda small compared to their bodies, so uh you could try fixing that. :D but that's up to you of course
    nice. i sure like to see the colored and resized version of it some time :D

    it's christmas-themed right?
    Howdy! The SoRiku fc was reopened and you were added in as a member as you requested to join the old one ^^ feel free to join in on the fun.
    i would make each audition an indiviual video, so one vid for aqua, one for riku, and one for kairi
    Check your rep. You're back in the green.
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