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  • Kewl, I'll probably check it sometime soon (not right now, it's late, I'm tired...).
    Hey remember me???? well guess what? i just made a new version of my RPG :D it's still a few levels but now you can attack and you got Kairi as well :D
    New forums where you will be treated kindly
    Hey, no prob! It's certainly better than I can do. And dling isn't that big of a deal to me (I download stuff ALL the time).

    Where's the link though? I think you forgot it again...
    hey there...thnx again for liking my game... and i got another addition to it... here's the link... sorry im making you download alot...you can delete the last beta if you want...cause this ones bigger with more stuff... like two levels for Sora and two levels for Riku :D

    i'll post the link once it's been reviewed ok?
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