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    Concerning the x-Blade...

    Now you're thinking, Cax.
  2. kiante

    Was anyone else dissappointed in Blank Points?

    I'm not really disappointed. It wasn't at ALL what I expected, but it served it's purpose. It wasn't really trying to ANSWER questions I don't think, but rather to ASK them. I don't think we'll get the full story until KH3.
  3. kiante

    Cooking up the ultimate weapon in BbS - Ingredients?

    But you don't really KNOW that's necessary, because we don't know that anyone has had a heart of perfect balance in their own right. MX thought it necessary for a fight to happen with one heart of Pure Darkness and one of Pure Light, but again, he doesn't know everything. He doesn't even know...
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    Roxas and Ven

    I...don't think Roxas had the body of Ven. Supposedly, in Days, when Roxas goes to Castle Oblivion and faints, it's because he's reacting to both Sora AND Ventus being near him. However, I think it quite likely he has Ven's heart in him. He really did seem to have feelings, even more than the...
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    Lea's and Isa's Plan?

    I wondered too, but I think they were either thieves trying to steal from the castle, or conspiracy theorists that knew about some of those experiments and wanted proof so they could stop them. Because of that, they were probably caught. Possibly they went back to find Lea and Isa because they...
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    Cooking up the ultimate weapon in BbS - Ingredients?

    What was made when Ven and Vanitas clashed? They merged. You no longer had a heart of Pure Darkness and a Heart of Pure Light. You had one heart that, in theory, is perfectly balanced. Yes, I KNOW MX says otherwise, but he's not omniscient.
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    Cooking up the ultimate weapon in BbS - Ingredients?

    Re: Trying to cook up a X-Blade ~ Ingredients? New Theory: You do NOT have to have a heart of Pure Darkness and a heart of Pure Light. You only have to have someone who has EXACTLY equal amounts of light and darkness in them. After all, that's what merging Ven and Vanitas was supposed to do...
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    Concerning the x-Blade...

    I think there probably IS a reason they made it look the same, but unfortunately, I'm not sure why. I'm sure I'll think of some crackpot theory about it eventually.
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    Did Wayward Wind always look like that?

    I think it's more of a symbolic thing in that case. Kind of like how his clothes, the same ones he wore when he was training under MX, represented his torn nature. Black on off-white , but mostly white. His clothes give the indication of his past, but he wore them before Vanitas was extracted...
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    Iron Prisoner IV

    The BEST shotlock is gotten from the arena match where you face Iron Imprisoner IV. Ironic, isn't it? Use a non-elemental roll ability (Cartwheel, dodge roll, or dash, depending on character). Use a shotlock like Prism Rain, Dark Volley, or meteor shower for now. Don't ever use the ones that...
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    Eraqus Sentiment(?)

    Oooh, I like Xarumon, sounds like Sarumon (or however that was spelled).
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    Eraqus Sentiment(?)

    Eraqus isn't QUITE Square backwards, but it is close. Funny catch. Obviously, he'd add his at the end, Nomurax.
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    Eraqus Sentiment(?)

    I don't think it's necessarily true that a lingering sentiment has to die in it's armor to form. The characters we've seen so far did, but that doesn't prove that it's necessary. If it's canon, it's probably a fight Aqua did when she was taking Ven back there. Not that the other two won't get...
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    Critical mode or Proud mode?

    You could probably handle Critical. You won't miss anything story wise in Proud, or item wise or anything, but it's not as difficult, so I suppose you could say you have missed some of the sense of accomplishment if you only play it on Proud. If I were you, and wanted only to play it once...
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    Vanitas is really in Kingdom Hearts II !

    Nice protector. Crazy, but nice.