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  • I thought I'd stop by and say how great your avatar is. It has Kingdom Hearts non-canon comedy without it being a yaoi fangirl's dream. If I were you, I'd save that picture forever, man. When you find an avatar you like better, put it in your signature. That's all I can say.
    Ahh Gyro Ball, good option. It's a pity it doesn't learn many other Steel moves, really.
    I wasn't that happy with my team really. Good battle none the less. What were you setting up Ferrothorn for, anyway?
    No problem bromie. It's a pain trying to get a suitable one for potentially competitive online battling lol.
    Woot! Thank you! Now I'm closer to creating my third competitive team! I threw in those extra masterballs as a way to say thank you btw. Use that Scrafty wisely.
    I see you now. If it doesn't connect, leave the room and come back in.
    My friend code is in my trainer card. I'll be waiting in the Wifi club, is there any specific Pokemon/item you want?
    I'm finished. Wow I can tell right away that your friend knows a lot about competiting. If I or you happen to find a red trainer card image, I'll make another one for your friend right away.

    Red... you mean the one in-game? I haven't been able to find a picture for the red trainer card so I have no idea what it looks like unless you want me to make a red that's close to it?
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