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  • The same. I'm stressing tho. I have this project due on Monday. It is a power point and is 27 slides -.- ugh

    You have anything like that?
    Haha I feel ya. It's cool that you and your friends are so tight!

    Btw, do you listen to the Plain White T's?
    Dear Lord Kate ! Youve grown up so much! Idk how I even recognized you in Qdoba! What were you doing in Colorado? Haha last time I saw you, you still had your baby face! Now you look WAY older than 14! Well, I hear your back home so say hi to Evi and Sophia for me! Love you girl. Maybe I can babysit you again since i'm still 2 years older ;]
    Yeah Halloween is cool I guess lol I never trick or treat tho

    I like Christmas better. It just feels so festive lol
    I'm good too. I had to present 2 projects today :/ I thought it would be hell since before I was usually so shy n stuff, but I am really starting to come out of my shell.

    How was your day?
    KATE! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss you so much already.
    Ignore Kendall. Shes being sososo selfish. I'm so happy your finally gonna get some help :)
    We need to go trick or treating together! Along with Isabel and Sophia! :)
    it's your b-day? hapy belated birthday!:D what'd ya do on your special day?

    and life's good for me, going on vacation next week :D
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