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  • Sorry that you have to go through all of that :/ but everything will be fine!

    I don't want to tell you what to do, but maybe you should worry about yourself for once instead of others. I mean, you'll probably be able to see all of those friends outside of school right? You don't have to feel bad about it :/

    That's just me, sorry if i'm out of line >_<
    At least you'll be able to switch to a school that will actually help you with your ADHD :) Hopefully your friends will be understanding, sometimes people tend to not be -_-
    The only bummer this year is my math class T^T I wish I could just make it disappear. I'll even pay the teacher if I have to....
    My math courses are advanced, so they're so difficult that they encourage the calculator T^T
    You're switching schools? Has school really been getting easier for you? It sounds like you kind of had a bad week if you're switching schools.
    Well, it's my senior year so I have a bunch field trips :D Though I forget where they go to.
    Without my little calculator I feel that I am doomed :( Those equations get so complex.
    Toxic stuff? You're working with it? D: Isn't that dangerous?
    Do you have any classes which plan on taking field trips?
    I don't want to be nosy, nor do I want to pry, but what really made this week not that good?

    It's totally fine if you don't want to talk about it.
    It makes me not want to wake up some days. What's worse is that I lost my graphing calculator last week...
    Stuff that kill you? Like what? :p
    Yeah, we're going to go to the beach to examine sea creatures and stuff. I think that we're going to go a few times this year :D
    School is good! I'm way more outgoing than I used to be so I am making more friends. And I like making new friends!

    How is it for you so far? I know this week wasn't that great but it can't be that bad right?
    I have math first thing in the morning, so I can't really focus to much in it. The teacher gets mad when students ask him questions but I ask anyway.
    What science class are you taking? I'm taking Oceanography and Anatomy this year, for Oceanography we get to go to the beach :D
    Finally got the hang it? ^^ I'm glad to hear that :)
    Well.. I only have one class that I don't like, which is Algebra 3, it always manages to ruin some part of my day. Other than that I am having an awesome time at school, my science classes are my favorite ^^
    Nothing really today lol, just chillin' yesterday I went to see scott pilgrim for like the 3rd times with friends lol I love that movie

    Haha I guess you like to die your hair?
    You're welcome ^^
    You just have to practice a bit :)

    Has school been getting any easier for you?
    I could show you if you want me too ^^ I'll have them uploaded by tomorrow.
    I bet you're good drawing but just don't know it :p
    Let's see... This week I drew a frog/bird hybrid. It doesn't look like what you would expect, it has two bird legs which it stands upright on and two frog arms, the eyes are big and circular. Umm.. I also drew what essentially looks like a walking piece of broccoli with eyes.
    No reason to be sorry, it's not your fault.
    Glad to hear you're doing well ^_^
    Aside from my atrocious bad luck the past week I've been fine. I haven't gotten to play BBS yet, I don't have a PSP and my friend hasn't finished BBS yet so I have to wait a bit longer.

    Erm... But it hasn't been all bad, I got draw a few new things this week :)
    Hello... Sorry about the late reply. I've been really bust lately and my luck hasn't been to great either -_-

    How have you been? Any further in BBS?
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