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Recent content by karthikg

  1. K

    some good news

    old news pal..
  2. K

    kairi has been spoted (official)

    kl, lose the pegasus sig
  3. K

    Release date in 2005!

    Umm to my knowledge no one has posted this yet, so ill go ahead and do it. Did anyone else notice how at the end of The Jump Festa Trailer, it said "Coming in 2005". Keep in mind that this is the newest trailer thus far, so its the most acurate. Last time in the TGS trailer it said "work in...
  4. K

    Looking for Peter Pan Graphics from the game

    nice quadroople post by the way thats bad, since ure new i will explain.. edit ure messages, dont keep making new ones.
  5. K

    Deep Dive?

    yea but most of it i outdated, like dwu has been replaced with bhk, it was a teaser trailer.
  6. K


    ok i live in california, already preordered the game, not with 5 bucks, but the whole 54.11 dont make such a big deal out of it.
  7. K

    A relese Date From A game Store

    KL, if what you say is true, then kh2 would be realesed in 2006. Why? Because Wada says one of them comes in 2006, and if kh2 comes after ff12, -gulps-
  8. K


    No No No!!! Not Bring On The Trailer!!! Bring On The Release Date!!
  9. K


    settle for a relaese date?? u mean settle for a trailer.. i dont care about new info i wanna know when it comes out!!
  10. K


    Ultima keyblade, se is on the list, at the official e3 homepage go look it up. www.e3expo.com and go to exhibitors
  11. K


    i really hope so..
  12. K


    Dude i seriously dont know what to expect this year from e3. Can we expect a new trailer, at least ANYTHING on kh2, cuz e3 was a lot bigger a deal last year than it seems to be now. I hope they at least have something, but i really hope tetsuya comes up w/ an official release date.
  13. K


    god stop dooing this.. its not gonna happen so stop.
  14. K

    I watched the vids too many times.

    dd probably has some reelvance, and where does dd and asas come to tgs 2004 trailer again?
  15. K


    if u preorder in store, u pay like half the cost of the game, then when u pick up the game, u pay the rest.