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  • Lol, i bought psp by using my salary.
    Because of BBS, i did many crazy xD
    Not really boring but some lecturer indeed very boring lol
    Still have two weeks , then have to start school already D:
    Do you celebrate Christmas? <3
    Not maths , something about financial planning lol
    Wow, you're not concentrate in class but still can pass?
    I will become nervous if i skip one lecture lol i afraid that i can't catch up the stuff.
    lol.. Algebra is a tough subject?
    Accounting is not maths i think , maths is difficult for me lol
    lol .. we can guess if the test paper is multiple choice question xDD
    I'm studying Accounting , one more year i can graduate :D
    Is 10:09am in my place lol
    I'm waiting for KHBBS FM, by the time of release, i already start my studies xDD
    I think i can lol but some KH stuff i can't get it >.>
    I want to read that manga xD
    And some pretty mechandise @@
    lol stop playing internet? did you play online games?
    Why dont you apply for an internet line or using broadband?
    Not having internet is boring to me D;
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