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  • Well, currently I have Soul Calibur IV (meh), LittleBigPlanet :)3), and Final Fantasy VI (*u*). Next I want the Jak and Daxter HD collection. And I'm gonna get KH 1.5 when/if it gets here lol. --- :) That's OK.
    That sounds nice. :) I'll be spending time with my family, and breaking in the PS3 I'm getting. :3 Yeah, you should say hi to her. ^^ You probably haven't seen her on much because she doesn't go far from the fanclub we're in. She made a thread, and trolls got to it. :mad: So now I think she's scared of posting much anywhere. :( She is lovely, though. However, fair warning: I don't know if she'll get back to you right away. I keep her pretty busy haha. (;
    That's great! :D I hope you have a wonderful holiday! ^^ Doing anything special? Oh, she's wonderful. :) Her username is Kagayaki, which means "shine" in Japanese. She's a real sweetheart. ^_^
    Hi! :D I'm doing good. Enjoying myself. And fighting desperately against my DSi to post here. :p Lol. xD Oh, but I have a GF here on the site now. :)
    No problem at all, that's what I'm here for. Everything's in order now, I think. If you need hand, please let me know c:
    Hello. :) Perhaps it was because of the notification box not being red? xD Oh well. How are you? :3 Oh, and I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you're really pretty. *blushes, hides*
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