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  • Funny American fact for you: the law here has got so ridiculous that they'll actually give you tickets if you drive without wearing shoes.
    That figures. She needs to tell if it's canclelled or gonna keep going.

    How would you know? You've probably only played 3 in your whole lifetime~

    Yes, yes they have. It was 10 degrees yesterday and near that the other two and I was outside for most of them. D8
    Sadly everyone don't. I have an aunt that's truly a scrouge. D=
    No one is but your not proving that because you never give anything a try and when you do you blame me. If your not interested or gonna give anything a serious try then don't ask me what new shows or games I watching/playing. It defeats the whole purpose of it all and asking. Don't defeat the point of asking Abbbbbyyyyyyyyyy~
    Nah I just don't watch the news cause I don't care. xD

    A whole essay in a few minutes. Not bad~
    No it ain't cancelled but this is the last season but that's more to do with creators. The makers of the series are burned out they said, they've working on the series since 05. xD
    Yeah it airs on Nicks channel every Friday. Nick never advertised it and kept changing the time slot so no one knew when to watch it making decent ratings impossible so they moved to online.
    How much more you tried is entirely on you not me. I never defined how much more you should try~
    Theres been many more things I've told Ya about but you was just to you to actually give them a try and kept using the one thing you disliked (SAO) as an excuse. Speaking of Ico, I need to finish that file I started before 2.5 arrives.
    *damnphone* All the joking things aside though how did the Dgrayman thing turn out after the author posted those images? Was it just a wasted day of hope? D8
    That's cause Nintendo has no backers besides their own series. All you'll find is indie stuff or small projects. Shantae in particular is one. A simple but good platformer.

    I've been rushing for 3 days. TnT I be lazy today!
    They didn't give up, worse, they just don't care anymore. Bet his parents talk about selling him too~ xD
    I'm not sugarcoat img anything, your just in denial that I'm right cause you just like to argue~
    I ain't heard of no dying.
    Cool kids are for people that's to sad to be themselves~

    You write things? YOU?
    You can't float if you can't swim too~
    My sells pitch isn't that bad your just being typical you. It didn't get cancelled, Korras been ongoing for a couple years and has a new episode tomorrow. It was put online cause Nick sucks horribly at managing a show that isn't sponge bob.
    No it's not. You can't decide how bad a show was by watching one episode so I told you to try more. The one at fault for watching it last those few even though you disliked it is you.
    Totally did. Most stuff you heard of was from me that far back cause your to weird to actually try something without being annoyed till you do.
    The only reason for anyone to watch two episodes of Legend of Korra Book 2:

    Like srsly. Book 2 sucked horribly save for the two episodes called Beginnings showing this awesome motherfucker right here. Those two episodes were honestly more enjoyable than Korra book 1 & 2 and many of the original Avatar series episodes.

    Though that likely only applies to those that watched it. xD
    I is~ One of those simple platformer games you just keep playing. xD
    I wasn't using my 3DS at all till Shantae and a few Smash hours. xD
    lol I couldn't give you that either since we have two entirely different mail services.

    I have got up at 4:30am before~ I rush for no one, if they can't wait till I'm conscious then diddly'em. xD
    My family hasn't given up but the larger numbers don't gather like they used too anymore. Extended family means people like aunts, cousins and the like. Tbh the show is better than Alfiem was but still not as good as the first handful were before Kirito met Asuna. It stepped up but only barely. xD
    Will later~
    Nope to late for take backs! You said it was horrible therefore it was a good pun~
    That's all I can manage. xD
    I don't mind if snow disrupts me, I can always burn something if I get to cold. xD
    My hair right now feels thick, it requires cutting.

    You done none of it and we both know it~
    I'm not sure if my snow ends up there. xD
    You'll just drown. I bet you can't even swim~
    The first two books aren't all about pairings but what parts of them that has it is done so horribly and has so much unnecessary focus that you want to shoot the writers. xD LoK though gets better after Book 2 cause they stop writing the shit.
    That's your fault not mine. I just told you to try it not sit and watch the whole thing if you hated it. Besides I can't get wrong all the time, you liked DGray man~ RWBY never goes over 20min long, with only a few even reaching 15min, so it's not like you could sit through it in less than an hour.

    Boring ending but preferred to what we got.
    It's the Internets Abbey, there's always another place~

    Shantae was first released on gameboy color and then got a sequel on 3DS. I'm playing the 3rd game now which is just done perfect. It fixes all the issues of the first two and has no problems of it's own. Just a nice little platformer for your system. 8D Plus you don't even have to have played the first two games to know what's happening.
    Super Metroid is for the 3DS? I can't ever find it on eshop. D8
    Screw build up. ;A;
    Why do that when you just said it has problems and the stores I use don't? xD

    Early is getting up at 6:30am early. Mornings are evil. The atmosphere is nice but it just isn't as fun when most of your extended family and stuff don't gather for it anymore. I figured since I came this far minds well see how SAO ends. xD
    But I don't want look a likes. D8
    Aren't puns supposed to suck? I thought the worse it was the better you did. xD
    Somewhat, I just do one page stories atm. The snow shut off the power in my town today. xD Even stop lights weren't on.
    If my hair goes on mood then it operates on it's own mood. xD

    Like you work at uni to start with~ Haaaaaa You turned into a Tsuna! Srsly do your work ho.
    It snowed here today and I literally saw it drop cold enough for rain to freeze mid fall. x'D
    But your on an island country, if it floods you die! D8
    Korra Book 3 & 4 are great. 1 & 2 have moments but suffer from horrid pairing writing. The only reason to watch Book 2 is to see Wan and the finale so you know what's going on in Book 3.
    You do realize the look and graphics of RWBY improved in volume 2 right? You didn't give it long enough to get better.
    Paper Mario as in N64? o_0
    The alternate ending just shows Ted marrying his wife. Short, simple and not at all as stupid as the first ending. xD
    I'd help but you need something to do besides tumblr~

    I used my points to get the newest Shantae game~ These 4 weeks till 2.5 has been the longest since I was a small child. o_o
    You buy yourself a bday present? I'm getting a free version, no way am I paying for another one. xD
    I've never bought from their store.

    I is sad cause I have an early shift in the morning which suuuuuuucks. Not really. I like Xmas but my excitement for it has gone with age. xD
    Watching the second season of Log Horizon, season 2 of Chuunibyo, SAO season 2 and Mushishi season 2~ Never heard of K. Nope but I hear it's a solid series. 8D
    I'm working on another panel sheet actually. Snowed yes, snowed enough to matter for anything? No. =[
    I don't dye my hair cause it destroys your hair and cause it's already several colors on it's own. xD It literally, truly literally, shifts between dark brown, brownish-red and pitch black depending on the amount of life and if it's being cut off. And as a final touch one spot of my hair remained extremely light which doctors said was a birthmark of some sort.

    How is Abbey? What about you and snow!? Watching Korra ever? Your bday is so sooooooon. Ever watch RWBY? Played a game worth mentioning? Ever get a PS4? See the alternate ending of How I Met Your Mother?
    x'D Just two grown men entertaining a child is all. And here's said grown child entertaining herself:

    Gameplay is far better. It's similar to P3 in a way but it improves it so much you'd think P3 is a failed beta. Not sure on P2. xD
    Remember the good ol days when Nintendo had all the cool shit? D8

    My internet won't do chi.
    I remember random shit~
    P4G has gameplay far better than P3 though I rank the stories equal. Many also claim P2 as their fave.
    That's cause Nintendo can't get 3rd party support anymore. xD

    Pokemon in general is boring after you beat the gyms and league. x[
    Psssh you 20 already!? Last I remember you was just turning 17. D8 Little Abbey is all legal and grownup now. </3
    PERSONA GAMES. Vita has Persona 4 Golden and can download psp games so it could be possible to get all personas on vita. GET NINTENDO GAMES TO! GET SOMETHING!

    Pffft I don't do that stupid ev crap. Breeding, shinies, ev, that's all wastes of time to me. I'm only interested in the initial exploring adventure and gyms. Also I'm not sure if I have lvl 100s left after I restarted it. xD I haven't turned the game on in forever.
    So I was tempering right. =O
    So next month you'll finally be legal~ xD
    What'cha gonna get for your bday woman?! Tell me about the hype!
    Hey thanks for getting back to me. I've figured out the solution to my problem since I posted. In gimp there is a filter that you can use called 'Color to Alpha'. It will add an alpha channel to the layer and render everything else but the lines and markings of whatever image to be transparent. I was struggling to replicate this process in PS.

    I had thought to ask others as well, so that I may get a quick solution. I had spoke with Zephyr about this and he was kind enough to help me with this rather quickly. I was trying to color a drawing and was shown a method that is similar to the one that I was trying to achieve in using gimp.
    So it would seem Naruto finally ended yesterday. xD Bout damn time. Now if only Bleach would end too so there'd be twice the room for other actually good series to appear.
    I don't want time travel! ;A; It's everywhere it needs to stop.

    Probably wasn't in it to start with. xD
    Only if your caught~ xD
    It's not bad, the only low standard is your own.

    Then suffer in boredom.
    Thats how it is in every game dork! xD Especially in the early days when every game only worked off one or two buttons.

    Your a sad human being. =[
    No kidding. I want answers! Neah wonders why Allen is still so young, Allen in the flashback didn't seem to have his innocence yet, dudes got a cursed eye, he's just all kinds of fuck up. D=

    Does she not know her fandom!?
    I already have no money. ;A; I'll have to steal~
    I prefer watching something as well. I only do manga if the anime ends short, has a sucky improvised story or there is no anime. xD
    Your the only one that thinks its bad! D8

    You can play with crowds online without ever meeting them in person though~
    haha You only think that cause you didn't bother to learn it. Sonic was just like Mario. The enemies and obstacles was always placed in the same spot so as you learned it the better you got. It's the same deal, your just being silly. xD

    Think of it like this. FMA designed characters, original plot that's been worked on for years now.
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