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  • Hey man, just wondering if you plan on posting soon? Roy's kinda stuck until you do. If you're busy then it's cool, I'm just wondering about your current status regarding the RP.
    Hey, I just got a quick question/proposal regarding the Solace in Night RP.

    Both Roy and Julian are employed in the Empire and they're both at Radiant Garden, so it wouldn't be too far of a stretch for the two to be familiar with each other right? I didn't wanna hop in with Roy acting as if he knew Julian without giving you a heads up or anything to prevent confusion lol.
    it may be where i have no quelms with stuff like that

    no no, i didnt think you were a bot. but you did sound a little like one!XD but no, if i had never or only a little bit talked to you then i would defftinly consider you to be a bot
    well an ad board dosent sound like a bad ideal, but i just have ba experinces with bots. as for kh being taken to seriously, i've preserved my love for the game by advoiding those types of forums
    it would be nothing personal, it would have just been wrong. and thanks. mine will be the same too.

    im here cause i still got a few good friends. we even made our own hangout thread. its called the fate cafe. and to answer your earlier question, i think i am going to love that place.
    it think it just has some things to do about advertising. like seriously, if you werent my friend, i would have reported you for advertizment.by the way, whats your username?
    i have a question about the asperia RP; can ignition keys be different shapes than gauntlets? cause i was thinking that i'd have Johnson's be cuff links hidden under his suit sleeves

    nana:so she really is a pyshco...still not going to stop messing with her.
    hmm...i'll wait until nana is really stressed and villenia remarks, then the launch will happen. i'll still tell you before hand.
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