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Recent content by Heart Collector

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    Swap Magic

    Does anyone know where I could buy a swap magic??? i looked every where and couldnt find one, but I want one so i can buy final mix.
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    Triple Triad

    I have a question about the triple triad, what is the elemental option and how do you enable it?
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    Was I imagining things?

    Ha, mabey your right. it does look like he is staring at, ahem, her stuff.
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    Favorite Drive Form

    final form of wisdom form, makes your magic another level higher, example, final form with thunder boost, photon debugger, magnet and thundaga, as final form makes it thundagun, makes the whole battle easier, like in the paradox cups.
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    what is your least favorite heartless?

    uhh, easily anything that can block, like fat bandit and has truckloads of hap, like dustflyer, oh, thats right, dustflyer is my least favourite, its so annoying.
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    whatis your sadst moment in kingdom hearts

    well, always when the roxas music goes on, dont know why, and when sora sacraficed himself in kh1.
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    who knows, all i know is that he was a kid when he was a somebody, seems that is a little too much for a kid to figure out.
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    Who is your Favorite Kingdom Hearts I Disney Villain?

    umm, i would have to say...oogie boogie, i dont know why, i just like him.
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    Oh, Thank god, i got my password back, the stupid kid, i found him and demanded it back, Tsk, some kids these days can be real jerks!!!
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    Dynasty Warriors

    Who has ever heard of the game Dynasty Warriors??? Im curious to know, if you have who is your favourite character other then Lu Bu?
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    What is this section for?

    Can someone tell me what this section is used for?? like, what kind of things to post?
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    Kurt zisa vs The phantom

    Tsk, obviously the phantom, he'd just cast the time spell and in 12 seconds...bam!!!hes gone!!!! But the kurt does have the ability to lock magic....hmmm i wonder...
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    Best way to handle level ups

    I personally want to obtain every slieght until i get "Leathal Flame" because, i use that sleight on hard to beat enemys, like marluxia first battle.
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    Favourite Quotes

    I have no idea if there is a thread on this....soooo, i want to know what is your favourite quote in kh2? it can be by anyone, organizer, donald, sora, anyone!!!
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    Can someone tell me what "Re:Coded" is?

    What is Re:Coded that everyone talks about??? ive never heard of it until, i wsaw the name of it, so, can someone explain it to me?