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  • whats sup haterade my sig's are ten times better than your piece a crap lol. STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!
    lol i just noticed that. YEAH U BETTER CHANGE YOUR SIG!!!

    besides it looks better on my page :)
    well MODERN WARFARE 2 for once, ac2, modern warfare 1, red dead redemption, borderlands, etc.
    Ohh... I've played a little of 358/2 but only the beginning...to bad its repetitive ><
    About bbs... I don't know about the story... but I think is the best KH so far *-*
    so whats sup? i see your alittle new to the site any questions on kingdom hearts u need anwered?
    Ohh I know...I'm playing it in japanese xD (don't understand anything but someone translated the menus thank god)
    I still haven't finish days...what did you think of it?
    hahaha I liked the username xD
    big big fan *-*
    currently playing bbs...what about you?
    You don't have to send me anything... Just fix it or find a better one that's more suited for being a signature.
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