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  • 358/2 days is pretty good,buts its repetive. You get he feeling like "oh been here done that" lol. But the ending is pretty good. Hows BBS?
    Awesome dude!! BBS is not out yet here in the us :( I beat 358/2 day right now and waiting for upcoming KH titles :D
    Hey!! Yes i am new here. OH yeah about the username,i was trying to come up with somthing funny and that was it. (Not like i hate in real life though). So you a kh fan?
    ohmylord eric is my favourite vampire EVERRRRRRRRRRR <33333333333 he is so so so so so so so so so so so beautiful! <3 idk if you're a guy but if you are, sorry for my gushing! he's just soooooooooooo handsome.

    i used to be a really big fan of twilight, read breaking dawn, disliked it, went off the other books, hated the series, then found my peace with it, and now its popularity just irks me. what gets on my nerves are articles from the likes of Entertainment Weekly and such by women who love twilight and say 'theres not a teenage girl in the country who doesnt love this'. its like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, stop insulting us you dumb bitch.

    also, the first book is called dead until dark. the complete list in order is here: THE Complete List of Charlaine Harris True Blood Books | Best Fantasy Stories
    The books are excellent. Of course, the show deviates from the books somewhat since Jessica doesn't exist in the books and Lafayette isn't a long-term character - as well as other things - but they are definitely worth reading, especially if you're a fan. The only problem I have is that Sookie's a little judgemental, but whatever, we're not all perfect. I'm currently halfway through book eight, and purchased books nine and ten today. Can't wait!
    That was the hardest bit of the book for me, or rather, the second hardest bit of the book for me to read after the part where Lestat and Gabrielle take Armand back to the tower and he's sat in front of the fire. It took me so, so, so, so long to get through it. D:

    But, yeah, I finished it eventually and I've begun The Queen of the Damned, though I've laid off the Anne Rice books for a bit in favour of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, more commonly known as the Sookie Stackhouse novels or the True Blood books. <3

    It was a reference to the Lelio Rising part of The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.

    D: I thought that's what your user name meant. D:
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