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  • What type of music do you like? I myself am into music and basically listen to it 24/7. I love jazz, pop, rock, and electric! Occasionally, I'll listen to classical, but it really just depends on my mood! I do enjoy Chopin.
    That's really cool! Roxas is my second fav, and Xion is my second fav girl! But sea salt trio is the best!!!! XD

    Don't worry! Nerds are the best!

    So, do you listen to much classical then?
    Hi! I love your avatar and your signature! They're so beautiful and work well with you name! Is Xion your favorite character?
    The thing is that said "former" fans actually still frequent the KH boards, sometimes to complain about the series' aspects (quality of story, games, etc.). They do so with good reasoning, though, in my opinion. I guess I should have said they're critics in the end.

    But it's nice to know you know what you're doing. I hope you stick around, since you seem like one of the more wiser members around, even if it has taken me a while to see that.
    Yeah, I visit the site every now and then. It saddens me to see my first forum die quietly (even though it's been dying even when we were there), but there's nothing I can do about it.

    That being said, it's nice that you're getting into KH fever again. KH has kept me busy for the past few years, whether it'd be the actual games or the KH community. Overall, the community here is fairly colorful, even just the KH board alone; I usually find the most interest in the KH section veterans, since we could go on and on about theories and whatnot. By the way, you may know this already, but a lot of the members despise the series. As in, they despise a fair amount of the aspects of the series. Don't be surprised to see a lot of bashing around. Personally, I recommend that you dig into KH theorizing, if that's your cup of tea. It's kept me interested in the series for a few years and will continue to do so (whether that's a good or bad thing).

    Lastly, forum activity has been pretty dead as of late; We're in a news drought at the moment, and we'll probably stay like this until TGS.
    Arbiter from BC/NH/VGD; It's a pleasant surprise to see you here, although you kind of seem like someone who would've joined here long ago.
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