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Hakan Xatos
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  • Trust me, I can't even get past the first Proud mode quest, you're lucky Lol. xD
    I need that Power gem from the avatar board so I can get my keyblade to 27. I've been getting some new medals to equip which I'm trying to get some Chips and Dales for them. With one raid boss earlier there was like a glitch or something but continuely the raid boss could not kill me. I ended up finally being defeated after doing more than 8,000,000 damage and getting more than 1,000,000 lux. I leveled up twice just about. xD
    We should try to have everyone do raid bosses when the lux is x2 and turn on our extra lux and go at the bosses. That'd get everyone some good amount of lux.
    Also I'm aiming to finally get to level 300, I'm getting close to 270 so woot!
    Yeah, I'm hoping by then I can get it. So far I'm almost at 2000 jewels and I could probably get some from the story quests. Also hoping for some jewel quests too soon to help, I've been wanting a Power gem to level up my keyblade as well.
    Dang, that sounds like a lot for one medal. I'm mostly upset cause I missed Kairi 0.2. :(
    Uh, Hakan. I was able to update it, just check the messages in the game. :)
    Oh man I'm so happy to be back. I just had to delete the app then re-download it while connecting my previous profile back, it was the option I had to do before I lost internet.
    Yeah. There seems to be no absolute way to update. I'll try later, cause I miss everyone in our group and I really like playing. :'(
    No... Too much space for the new update. I don't have a lot of space on my tablet for it. :(
    I lost internet for so long... I missed talking to you!!!!
    But uh, I may or may not be able to play Ux anymore, I hope I can.
    Hey Howler, how are you doing? I noticed you haven't logged in a while on KHuX and I decided to return the favor :) Maybe even get your opinion on the new trailer. I mean we finally get Toy Story!! Pretty sweet, right?
    Hey, you haven't been active in Union X. Anything going on? :/
    I'm not going to tell Hamlet about it, but soon someone else might. So I'm kinda curious.
    And also why the clarinet is my favorite is because I've played it since elementary, it was my first official instrument. Also during when I got it my grandfather was dying of cancer, and the time I wanted to play for him at a concert, he couldn't make it because of being at Hospice.
    So now that he has passed, I'll always play it for him.
    I thought you'd like it! ^_^ Cool, sounds like you're really gifted in music. I couldn't imagine myself playing anything, let alone several instruments. The clarinet sounds like a fun instrument to play. I was listening to some solos and it seems like you can get a wide range of emotions from it. I'm not up to speed on music terms so that's all I got lol. So I'll ask the expert, why is the clarinet your favorite?
    Thanks!!! (I literally squealed at the Riku approval) I play a variety of instruments, but most of all, Clarinet. :3
    It's ok! Family comes first. :)
    And you're welcome, thought you deserved the award.
    I've been doing good, I've been nominated to go to a university to play with other bands from around the state. So I am going to be pretty busy Wednesday, I'm so excited. :3
    Your avatar...
    Yeah strep throat is brutal from what I've heard. Luckily I've never had it before, but my cousins do a lot (which is weird) and they go out of commission like you mentioned. I'm glad you and your family are doing well now. I hope your school situation gets straightened out soon. I mean school is stressful already so it's not like you need anymore​obstacles so close to end of the year. Viva la freedom!
    Yep, I'm doing a lot better! What happened was my sister's family lost electricity due to severe winds, so they stayed over at my home for about a week. But my sister and her son got ill, we thought it was the stomach bug till me and my brother got strep throat from taking care of them. It wasn't a pleasant experience, let me tell you. Had slept in bed for 2 days while missing important days at school. And catching up with school stressed me the heck out. Then I was sick for an additional 2 days, but thankfully it was during the weekend. But now me and my brother are doing better, and so is my sister and my nephew. :)
    yeah i do, but i'm not exactly an active player so i probably wont contribute much.
    yes i have moved over to vulpes, but i was already told by our previous party's leader that the group youre in is full.
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