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  • I just wanted to let you know that I merged your thread with the official VA thread. Your poll from your thread has been assigned as the new poll for the VA thread. Next time, please remember to just post the battle quotes in there. Thanks! :3
    Cool. I've only rented the movie on Netflix and watched it on television, I'll check out the director's cut as soon as possible.
    No, I mean that it reduces clutter. But it's not like we lost our posts or anything, they are all still there. But if I do disagree it will cause an argument, and you know what happened in all of my older arguments? Sam's Club, Kiss-Up, Poopmuncher III, the list goes on.
    There should be a special test to become a Moderador, and after that you should you should have a 3-strike system, the first offense is a demotion, the second you get fired, the third you get banned. Because Retired Moderadors get special rights too. Only they should have less rights and get called Fired Moderadors.
    It's actually quite easy. They just have to go to your own settings and write over your name with a new one. And they changed my name twice, once to Poopmuncher III and again to cockmouth. And they changed my title twice, once to Kiss-Up and the second one is currently in progress. I wanted to get known as Chuman but I wasn't allowed that privilage.
    Because on the forums they feel bigger. I'm 12 but I'm 6 feet tall. If I met them in real life, I would have kicked some Moderador's ass. They probably aren't that tough in real life. If I was a Moderador, I would prevent shit like this.
    He is a dick. You might not be able to change it, he made sure that I couldn't change my title, along with taking away my forum rights. I want a damn name change, but he keeps deleting my posts on the name change thread and he changed my title.
    lol I saw a white square around it and immediately thought "MUST DESTROY" xD

    looks fine now~
    Try this one. It's just a pixel smaller, but the transparency should work (dunno why the regular one doesn't though)

    Yep that's exactly the thread for some reason they say I'm bitching about capcom re release their games like the Street Fighter 4 then Super street fight etc.

    Maybe it's the way I said it, but I was going to leave it alone then someone who was high and mighty had to show his supposed wisdom. Actually made it worse, but whatever.
    Thanks dude, but I seem to have these people stalking me right now because apparently to them I'm bitching about a game made by capcom when I'm really not. It's more like I'm saying why then moving on just go take a look a the video game forums some of my posts seems messed up because it was out of rage.
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