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  • Yup, summers and holiday breaks too.This job definitely has its perks, but it's definitely a lot of work too, lol. What do you plan on doing after graduation?
    That sounds like a really cool documentary; I should check it out. That sounds like a really cool project that you're doing! I wish you the best of luck! I actually graduated from college a couple years ago and now I have a full-time job. Now that summer is over I probably won't have as much time to spend online unfortunately, haha.
    What movie did you decide to watch? :D

    I love cats, even though I never had one. I didn't see the Wind Rises, but I will eventually. And yeah, I'm really hoping Tangled and Big Hero 6 will recapture that essence (and hopefully include NPC's). I loved those movies so much, and I hope the games do them justice!
    KIKI! I love that movie, and I totally forgot about it until you mentioned it! I remember she had this adorable cat (Jiji, I think he was called?). The movies do have this sense of innocence, fun and optimism that I enjoyed. KH definitely used to have that too. Later installments...not so much xD I still vividly remember exploring Traverse Town in KH for the first time. It was a magical feeling. I hope KH3 can recapture some of that!
    I love studio ghilbi! Spiritied Away is great, but I also really like Castle in the Sky. Princess Mononoke is great, too. What other movies do you like?
    True enough, it was the most confusing thing I had ever played. But playing through it just to get to play both visits to the Pride Lands got me very invested in the plot haha. Hope you're having a good holiday!
    I was a huge fan of the Lion King as a kid. So I bought and played KH2 for the sole purpose of playing in the Pride Lands...and then it sucked me in, and I eventually went on to buy all the other KH games :)
    On another note, it's very rare to find girl gamers out here as well. I find it refreshing. What got you into gaming?
    Virgin Megastore is known for marking up their products a lot higher than they should. Don't you have a Geekay Games outlet there?
    Plus no one in town is really into anything other than CoD and FIFA. The name "Kingdom Hearts" is foreign to most in this part of the world :(
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