• As we all know, this is a forum for Kingdom Hearts. Even so, if anybody posts spoilers for Endgame anywhere on this site without spoiler tags, you will be banned. If you change your avatar to something related to Endgame, you will be banned. If you put something in your signature, send a message to somebody that is visibly seen, or share spoilers with somebody who does not wish to see them, you will be banned.

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  • You really should spend more time typing, and maybe even reading your post, before posting. It's too difficult to understand what you say if you always type fast.
    Actually, never EVER type fast. There's really no reason you have to type fast. There's no reason you can't spend more in your posts. Really, just spend the same effort anyone spends in their posts.
    Yes Sora is very special indeed hes to die for in his unique quality way :) also i don't actually mean to actually die for him lol
    Hello. So we've been receiving a lot of complaints about your posts from the other members. I need to ask you to make them more substantial than random, shallow one-liners that jump from topic to topic constantly. As it stands right now, it's borderline spam. If you could provide some support for them, it would be very much appreciated. Tell us why you believe or propose the things you say, instead of just saying whatever you want on a whim with no basis.

    Thank you.
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