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  • Haha yeah. It's always fun to come back and realize you have remake a name for yourself xD
    Haha yah we have one more member. Just a friend of mine though ... Gah I shouldn't have left KHI for o long because nobody knows me, or remembers me :/
    Well since you know the AH site why don't you go ahead on get looking there? I'll get it more out on Facebook. Maybe I'll make a page for the site or something. But thanks :) still a big help!
    So Goddard... Any suggestions for the site? And any new ideas on how to get it out there? Like other sites I should post it on?
    Iono. Xemnas is just there for me. A mandatory villain that does his job without giving me anything more to enjoy.

    That's the sad part. I really do love most of the characters and what they're going through... but the plot is just absurd and ridiculous at this point. Not to mention the Disney-KH integration is lacking more and more as time goes on.

    To be fair I still love KH. I just don't care for the plot at all. xD;
    And iono. I'm still mostly a kid at heart so I still like what I liked back then.
    I see nothing wrong in critical thinking, even of supposedly childish things.
    Seeing how in a way she took the least out of anyone else (maybe other than Namine. but Xion still had her own vessel and heart, as fake as the two might've been) I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to do something like that.
    Whoever said it was a bad thing? ;p

    Nah, if it's Xion, she's on equal grounds with the thing. But they did make him neglect Axel a bit :c
    I like how Riku and Xion had a ridiculous amount of physical affection shown on-screen. I just wish the face-caress would've been AFTER they spent that month together xD;
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